Gabriella Cilmi has a potent little secret you must know about

Gabriella Climi has come a long way in a short time. Her single ‘Sweet about me’ has sold over 2 million copies world-wide, she’s won numerous music awards and sang the Australian National Anthem at the Melbourne Grand-Prix last weekend. She’s just 18. And she has a secret – a secret you should know about.
You know that I find inspiration in the extraordinary things ordinary people do well and I like sharing them with you. It’s also important to know I’m not writing this as a raving fan although I do like the sentiment and the pure pop production value of her latest single ‘On a Mission’. 

Here’s the scoop: It is not just talent, hard work and luck that has got her to where she is right now.

I have just found out that she has a massive Dream-Board at home. On this Dream-Board she has put all the people and the shows she would like to be involved with in her life. A pictorial representation of some of the things she finds important, motivating and empowering. As a big fan of the excellent and influential ‘Later with Jools Holland’ TV show, she has him on her dream-board.

No surprises then that she found herself singing an acoustic version of her song on the ‘Later’ show in December 2007!

So friends, what’s your vision, your purpose and your goals? What do they look, feel and sound like to you? How do you store, access and leverage their potency? Especially when everyone in your busy life is intent on pulling your focus and energy into their daily grind?

Naturally, if you want any support in this I’m only a call or a click away.

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  1. Richard Maybury May 25, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Thanks Mark, I will check out that research. Visualisation is certainly important. I have found it useful to think about my purpose for the day in that first few moments after waking. I wrote about it here:

  2. Mark Dansie May 25, 2010 at 9:43 am

    This is interesting I came across a similar technique recently it was called the power of visualisation, the trick is that if every night you close your eyes and visualise your goals and imagine what it feels like to achieve them for 30 days in a row then the brain begins to believe it is real and not imagined. Apparently NASA discovered this brain reprogramming technique during a training exercise for a space mission, they put special goggles on the astronauts for 30 days that visually turned their world up side down, but after 30 days with the astronauts still wearing the goggles, the brain switched the vision back to the correct way up.

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