I need your help in developing Teamworking learning for teenagers

I need your help. I have volunteered, as a member of the IoD, to run a number of 30 minute interactive learning events for children between 15 and 16 years of age within a large one-day event with the overarching theme of ‘Developing employability skills’. Current estimates are that 2000 school children will be attending the overall event. My learning slots will be around the importance of Teamworking.

The main take-aways that I want for the kids are:

  • An understanding of the importance of teamworking in the world of work.
  • An understanding that teamworking profiles at work are very different to the profiles that the kids already use to define their peers.
  • The importance of knowing and playing to your strengths, based upon some work-related criteria, when writing CVs, attending interviews and starting that first real job.

The constraints are:

  • The content must be relevant, interactive and engaging
  • The key learning points must be deliverable within 20 minutes
  • The children must have a format to work on within the session as well as notes to take away
  • The content can be delivered by a small team of volunteers with consistency.
  • Zero cost beyond printing worksheet and notes

How can you help?

Obviously, there are a number of models that can be used. My preference is to keep it as simple as possible. Currently I’m inclined towards using a ‘Social Styles’ / DiSC quadrant type model for the learning.

Please help. Any and all advice, suggestions, insights, experience, models, or content will be gratefully received – even if only an anecdote that might unlock a teenagers thinking . I want the children who come into our sessions to go away with some useful information and some insights they can work with as they develop their CVs, interview preparations and first steps in the world of work.


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  1. Richard Maybury August 12, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks Robbie. Overlaying teenage stereotypes could be fun. Got to get the right ones though. Not sure if boffs, Jocks, geeks and nerds would work! If it were school term time I could get my wife to ask at her school. HoHum.

  2. Robbie August 12, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Richard, 20-25 mins is not a lot of time, especilly with teenagers at an exhibition event! A take on Social Styles would be my suggestion too.

    Overlaying teenage stereotypes onto the 4 adult quadrants could be fun and memorable. I will have a chat with the kids to see what is current and useful

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