What quality questions do you ask yourself?

I was triaging  my Learning inbox subfolder just now. I go to it when I’m in a ‘learning mood’. In there I found a mail from Wow Accountants which got me thinking.

So I’ m sharing this with you right now

When managing conflicting priorities I have found over time that the quality of the question determines the quality of the outcome – always.

So I responded to their 5 Questions for success and thought I would ask you what question helps you make better decisions.

Here’s what I wrote on their blog. What question works for you?…….

Questions I ask myself when I need to get serious with myself:
1 ‘Why would I do that?’
2 ‘If not now – When?’
Both have helped me focus better than I otherwise would do. They are not easy ones to ask – especially if the object of the questions is immediately appealing but nonetheless distracting!

Over to you…… what questions work for you?

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  1. Richard Maybury May 17, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Thanks Simon, yes, I agree. I try to look for ways to weld our strategic ambitions to our daily decisions, so – for me – it is about using what ever I can to keep on track. I don’t always succeed (and often fall off track) but consciously bringing myself back to the decisions right now helps to keep me on track. Tough sometimes, but necessary always.

  2. Simon Gifford May 17, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I like the first 5 questions that keep us focused on our intended strategic direction – but these last two are what bring it into the “here and now”.

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