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About Richard ‘Mr Productivity’ Maybury

You want to know who you are working with here. That’s natural. I do the same before working with, partnering with and trusting people in business.

A good first step might be seeing what other people say about me professionally. Many of these people kindly agree to advocate personally to those who are serious about engaging me and my trusted Associates. You can, of course, always contact me directly or check out other sources like LinkedIn. Meanwhile, here’s a few notes about me and my business:

10 important facts about my approach to this business

These reflect how I and those who work around me approach your business with us:

  1. Terms, conditions, specifications and SLAs, for me, are the baseline performance criteria, not the finish line to be stretched to. I’d be a richer man if they weren’t so, but I’d be less fulfilled.
  2. I come from a profit delivery background, all our training is loaded with practical ‘How-To’ material rather than worthy ‘Should-Do’ rhetoric.
  3. Yes, I do deliver entertaining, engaging, inspiring, motivating content but always emphasising ‘How-To’ material.
  4. Everything we do is proven, researched, acknowledged Best Practice – and often all 3.
  5. I and my partners are expert practitioners – not just expert facilitators; we ‘walk our talk’.
  6. We don’t just train and walk away. I’m about enabling people to change behaviours, beliefs and mindsets.
  7. It is an honour and a privilege to work with your people – a position I always treat with respect and care.
  8. Our best sales asset is our booked support for your hard-working people. We will always deliver results worth talking about.
  9. I have a life-long commitment to pragmatic Learning and Development. Clients call me ‘Mr Productivity’
  10. I love this business. A dangerous word in business – but there it is.

Prior to establishing my training business I was a Chartered Insurer involved primarily in large-ticket corporate and multi-national insurance programmes driven through the Professional Broker channel.

My experience and expertise in the insurance industry lay in sales and operations management through the broker channel. I have worked in the City of London insurance market and, for 15 years, overseas, where I have held Director, Regional Manager and Country Manager positions in the Middle East and Africa.

In the UK market, whilst primarily being responsible for regional sales management, I was also an internal training resource for the Cornhill Insurance Company. Whilst in Kenya I ran the national training function for the broker house who, at that time, drove the biggest volume of insurance and reinsurance income from the African continent into the City of London. There I was responsible for preparation for CII Professional examination and qualification as well as technical and leadership skills.  Whilst in the Middle East I was a Founding Member of 2 national training bodies.

As you can see, whilst I was primarily responsible for driving sales volume and/or operational profit in my insurance career I have always been convinced of and committed to the direct relationship between people development and profit development. This commitment I carry through to my current business.

I established my training practice in 1998 primarily covering the economic powerhouse that is the South East of England. My business now supports clients in 18 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Clients range in size considerably and include FT100, Fortune 500, Sunday Times Fast Track 100 companies (the fastest growing companies in the UK), as well as many SMEs.

The common thread between all our clients is that their ambitions outstrip their resources and, by necessity, place great demands upon their people. We help them to manage the resultant load with more control and less stress, thereby making a better contribution to the overall results.

Most of our clients operate within the IT/IS market, where we support some of the biggest in the business, to the some of the smallest, newest, entrepreneurial businesses. We also seem to work well with Financial Services businesses and Professional Firms.

Why not  contact me directly for more information.

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