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Gain 53 minutes productivity per day every day with me

gain 53 minutes per day extra productivity with Richard Maybury #wp2p

The 2016 productivity improvement measurement results from our flagship priority workload, email and time management training are in.

Over 25,000 people just like you and me report a 53 minute per person per day productivity improvement through our support.

These people also dominate their inbox, their schedules, they work smarter, they work better together and deliver their results easier. This is measured up to 4 weeks after the training so we are measuring sustained behaviour change here.

A 53 minute productivity gain a day is only the start though. Other priority workload and time management improvements include:

  • 57% Improvement in Email and technology tools management skills
  • 49% Improvement in managing information
  • 56% Improvement in Planning and Organisation
  • 34% improvement in Delegating effectiveness
  • 35% improvement in getting results from meetings
  • 35% improvement in teamworking
  • 43% reduction in Stress levels
  • 38% improvement in balancing Work / Life demands

These are Real results from real people. Results available to you, right now. Want to know more about this proven training and support programme and how we can bring it to you? Call me on +44 (0)1428 607763 or reserve your seat on one of my free web briefings or complete the contact form below.

Together we will deliver results worth talking about – that’s a promise.

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