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Reframing time and recalibrating importance

recalibrate priority and time management through contemplation

You are well aware that in the coming and going and the routines of our everyday lives, we rarely get to do everything we intend to do. This is true for all of us.

Yet most of us would consider many of those undone things as important to us; which makes for an interesting dichotomy.

How then can we better weld our core purposes to our priorities day to day?

My suggestion today is based on 2 very common drivers and one common assumption: [click to continue…]


Gratitude and an extreme 80/20 Rule

Happy clapping people

I was taking our dog, Oscar, for an early walk in the woods behind our home this morning. It is something I do whenever I can. I find that it enhances my early morning gratitude, purpose and priority thinking.

Anyway, today Oscar and I set off, well before what passes for sunrise in Surrey at this time of year, armed with poop bags, doggy treats and an enthusiasm for what the next hour together might bring.

And then it struck me. [click to continue…]


Others say it better

another client thanks Richard Maybury for Pit Stop coaching

Sixty minutes and one cup of coffee can be dangerous! This just in from the wonderful Martine Harris. Thank YOU Martine!

Thanks for today Richard. I feel told off, encouraged, and perhaps slightly scared! You managed to get straight to the point and I feel re-energised. I didn’t expect to get this much out of just one hour over coffee!

Expect the unexpected!

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Where are the real Productivity Pirates?

dominate your productivity pirates with Richard Maybury

Yes, you get the ‘productivity’ thing, and you are always looking for ways to work smarter on your competing priorities, to give yourself an edge.

Chances are, you are delivering your results within a high interrupt, high volume, high velocity workload. You have most definitely put some useful tips, tricks and hacks into your workload management methodology. You are probably winning, although, sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it.

You already know this next point, but I’d like you to think about it for a little while longer than you have in the past: [click to continue…]

proven measurable productivity gains with time and priority management training from Richard Maybury

The count closed on 31st December 2015. All the evaluations from the Working Smart training programmes were collated and cross-checked. The results are impressive! Especially as they are measured up to a month after the training day! Results you might want to make real in your life You can achieve these results!


Email Marketing mistakes

Just received this marketing email from a well known insurance company. Someone should have proof read before hitting send to their client database!


Manager good, Leader bad or is it the other way around?

manager vs leader

Where do you stand in the ‘Manager = Good / Leader = Bad’ debate? Or is it ‘Leader Good / Manager Bad?’

Is the stuff that gets pushed, especially in social media, a help or a hindrance? Especially to first time, first line managers?

And, to what extent does this divide risk businesses being over-leadered and under-managed by enthusiastic, first time bosses anxious to be doing the right thing? [click to continue…]


Stop. Reflect. Move on. Better.

The Thinker Rodin by Brian Hillegas

Remember friends, a moment of reflection informs, renews, re-equips and refreshes our core. That’s why it is important, in wonderment, to Stop!

Stop often; even when the day speeds by in a blur, even when the sound of deadlines are whooshing through your ears, even when the adrenalin of excitement or anxiety is coursing through your  veins, even if you think you don’t have time to think ….. STOP.

For it is in our reflections that we make sense of the world and our place in it.

Most people don’t learn from experience, the ruthless reality is that most people knowingly repeat their mistakes. The truth is that we really learn from reflecting on our experiences.

Reflection helps stop us jumping to conclusions

Reflection helps stop us getting stuck in analysis paralysis

Reflection helps stop repeating mistakes

If you would like a free resource from me on building reflective thinking into a deliberate ‘Learning from Experience’ process that you can use every day, just ask and it is yours!

My thanks to Brian Hilligas for use of his great photo of Rodin’s Thinker


On September 22, Microsoft released Office 2016 for all new Office 365 subscribers, whether they want it or not. That’s OK, Office is a great product and new subscribers will be looking at how Office 2016 will integrate with their existing productivity and workload management tools before renting.

How about existing subscribers, though, who already have their current version of Office tightly integrated with their other productivity tools? Microsoft will be pushing the updated version to them in October. Here is how to control your own update schedule….. [click to continue…]


How to stop time. Stripping it back

1 second clock2

We are great at complicating things, aren’t we? Us humans. Especially in business.

I was particularly struck by this during a conversation today at a networking breakfast when somebody was talking about something very complicated involving international teams of MBAs, Professional Advisors, IP Licencing and assets spread across multiple business entities. All of which is, no doubt, right and relevant but of no real interest to me. Not at that time anyway.

I turned to my friend Steve Coburn and we agreed that business can be very straightforward. [click to continue…]