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An insight for accidental salespeople; those people building a business out of something they love and care deeply about who also have to sell their product or service to others. Seasoned Sales Professionals might find the reminder useful.

I was connecting dots backwards, yesterday, on the ruthless reality of winning in the sales game.

The primary trigger was Thom Gibbons’ ‘Overcoming Business Hurdles’ talk at a Guildford Business Hub event yesterday. [click to continue…]


Infographic on the state of stress in the UK

reduce stress increase productivity with Richard Maybury

I am convinced by personal experience, observation and measurement that highly productive and effective people feel less negative stress. Indeed, our measurements demonstrate an inverse correlation between highly productive performance and negative stress.

Because of my focus on helping people achieve their results easier, I was interested in seeing this infographic, produced by Suzanne Bourner from Human Driven Business ltd, after meeting her at a conference recently.  [click to continue…]


Microsoft Teams now freely available to #Office365 users

Microsoft Teams collaborate better with Richard Maybury

Back in November I hinted at the release of Microsoft Teams and asked ‘Will Microsoft Teams kill Slack?’  Well, Microsoft has now rolled out Teams to all Office 365 users and I’m asking if Teams will also kill internal email? [click to continue…]

work smarter and weld purpose to priorities with Richard Maybury

You are busy getting your high priority things done and have just completed that important document you have been working on. You now need to email it to your customer, colleague or supplier.

You’re smart and you know that living in your inbox view degrades your ability to manage your focus and energy. You don’t need to go into your inbox to send the document – do this instead Email an open document without going to your inbox


How to change the habits of a working lifetime

build productive purpose and priority management habits with Richard Maybury

You are right, there is no easy answer. There is an answer though, and my hope is that you will find this short post, and the attached resource by Charles Duhigg, author of ‘The Power of Habit’ useful. [click to continue…]

work smarter and weld purpose to priorities with Richard Maybury

You can send Documents to anyone by email without opening Microsoft Outlook. You are busy getting stuff done, managing your competing priorities without the distraction of the inbox and you now need to send a file to someone by email. Don’t open the inbox – do this instead! email files without opening the inbox


knowing the DNA of Habits helps us manage them better

build productive purpose and priority management habits with Richard Maybury

We all know what a habit is. And for better or worse they exert a massive influence over our lives.

This is  not a treatise on human behaviour. It’s only a quick heads-up on the DNA of a Habit. It is important because around 40% of our behaviours are habit driven, according to people who do write treatises and books on this subject. This, however, is what you absolutely must know and manage…. Here’s what is important


How to easily change multiple email addresses in Excel

welding purpose to priorities #wp2p priority and time management with richard maybury

Here’s another working smarter with Microsoft Excel tip for changing multiple email addresses when a client, supplier or prospect firm changes their email address format, and/or company name.

To make this simple I am assuming that First name is in column A, Family name is in column B and current email address is in column C in your Excel worksheet. Here’s how…


Thank you

Thank you from Richard Mr Productivity Maybury time and priority management training

A big thank you to all my collaborating, mind-sharing, feet-to-the-fire-holding, moist-shoulder-offering, bear-hugging, silently-supporting, critical-questioning, confident-advocating, friends, associates, ambassadors, clients and suppliers for all your support to me and my business during this year.

I wish you all the health, energy, focus and courage you need to defend and deliver the priorities that you know will make 2017 a truly outstanding year for you, for those you love, and for those for whom you are responsible.

Whatever 2017 brings us in this post-Brexit, post-Trump, and, some will say, a post-truth future, I hope that you will be able to live purposefully, work productively and be happy through it.

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Social Selling and the new LinkedIn Desktop – 3 pointers

define defend and deliver social selling skills with Richard Maybury

I have been working with sales people for decades on improving the way they define, defend and deliver their priorities within their demanding days. I also support sales people through our leadership influencing skills training.

That said – I am not a ‘Sales’ trainer, although many of my associates are outstanding in that field. So, why am I creating this short post on Social Selling and LinkedIn today? Well, 4 reasons and 3 pointers: 3 leveraging LinkedIn pointers