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A few words of encouragement as we start 2018

we are all capable of more than we believe

‘We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can’

On the 5th September 2003 the American illusionist, David Blaine, stepped into a Perspex box, to be suspended from a crane near Tower Bridge on the river Thames in London. He stayed there for 44 days without food, without direct human contact and feeding on water alone.

These words were lifted from an interview held before he entered the box in response to being asked to explain his reasons for his ‘Above the Below’ endurance stunt.

I was looking for resources to reinforce my Resourcefulness for 2018 and this particular quote jumped out at me, not because I am a fan of Blaine, but because of the truth in these words.



Happy 21st Birthday Microsoft Outlook

use Microsoft Outlook even smarter with Richard Maybury

Microsoft Outlook turned 21 on 16th November 2017. Birthdays and anniversaries are a good time to reflect on the past, rejoice in the present and re-appraise the future. Perhaps now would be a good time to look again at how you are managing yourself, your workload and the results you are responsible for delivering through your use of Microsoft Outlook and the other tools you use day-to-day to achieve your future results. Because …… [click to continue…]

Office365 and Outlook 2016 productivity tip

When I support clients in working smarter on their critical results and competing priorities I inevitably help them use technology smarter as well. Microsoft Office365 and Outlook are particularly important tools for my clients. Office365 is constantly being updated and extended and sometimes those updates affect established functionalities. This has just happened to Outlook 2016 users on Office365 and here is what you need to know. [click to continue…]

IoD CIPD Growth through Talent planning

On 15th November 2017 the IoD and the CIPD will be hosting a joint conference on ‘Growth Through Talent Planning’ in the Guildford Harbour Hotel between 07:00 and 10:30. Tickets cost £25, reduced to £15 for IoD and CIPD members. I have set out 7 reasons why I think it it would be useful to attend this conference; you will have your own reasons but I do hope to be able to welcome you there.

You can book on Eventbrite here
IoD Members and registered IoD.com users can book here

7 reasons to attend the IoD CIPD conference on Growth Through Talent Planning

  1. Attracting and retaining great people is a major challenge for business leaders in London and the South East. Together we will explore practical  business solutions and  top-level research and insights.
  2. Jonathan Richards, founder and CEO of BreatheHR, will be sharing experiences on how he is growing his business through his approach to talent planning
  3. Brad Taylor, Director of People at CIPD will be sharing the latest information, insights and ideas on this topic from the CIPD’s deep understanding of the issues.
  4. We will be tapping into the collective wisdom of the room through a facilitated mind-share session
  5. Facilitated Q&A session to cover the burning issues of the morning
  6. Plenty of time before and after the conference for open networking with like-minded people
  7. Great bacon butties for breakfast with vegetarian option available.

This event is open to all business leaders. It will be particularly useful for SME Directors as well as HR Professionals. Feel free to get in touch with me about this in my capacity as HR Ambassador for IoD in Surrey


Q: How can I win at work? What would you say?

weld purpose to priority to win easier every day #wp2p

I was running one of my Welding Purpose to Priority #WP2P workshops for a team of bright people this week who reached a milestone in their Professional career. Their collective response to one of my initial questions was so good that I think it is well worth sharing with you here. What would you add or support? [click to continue…]


Here is the link to book into my IoD Advance webinar on Tuesday 5th September between 11:00 and 12:00: Click to book . I have just heard from the IoD that you don’t have to be a member to attend this session. In this hour I will be sharing hard earned lessons as well as selected leverage content from my Welding Purpose to Priorities #WP2P programmes. See you there!



Making Office 365 work better with other software tools

work smarter and weld purpose to priorities with Richard Maybury

Most of us who use Microsoft Office as a primary productivity business tool also use other software based tools or platforms which synchronise with Office, especially Microsoft Outlook. I’m thinking here about CRM tools, Client or Case Management systems and Project Management tools. This works really well until the latest Office 365 update causes the seamless sync to break in some way. I know many software and SaaS providers struggle to keep their own programmes totally operational with every O365 update.

Here’s what to do if you are an Office 365 user with synced software and you don’t have an internal or outsourced IT team to look after this for you. [click to continue…]

SMART goals must include the price we pay

If you study Goal setting in any way, you have probably come across President John F Kennedy’s famous goal about the Moon mission in 1961. Here is something important that many people don’t know about that famous SMART goal statement. Something I think it is equally important for us personally and at work. Something our current crop of Politicians should also be far more explicit about. [click to continue…]

weld purpose to priority to win easier every day #wp2p

An insight for accidental salespeople; those people building a business out of something they love and care deeply about who also have to sell their product or service to others. Seasoned Sales Professionals might find the reminder useful.

I was connecting dots backwards, yesterday, on the ruthless reality of winning in the sales game.

The primary trigger was Thom Gibbons’ ‘Overcoming Business Hurdles’ talk at a Guildford Business Hub event yesterday. [click to continue…]


Infographic on the state of stress in the UK

reduce stress increase productivity with Richard Maybury

I am convinced by personal experience, observation and measurement that highly productive and effective people feel less negative stress. Indeed, our measurements demonstrate an inverse correlation between highly productive performance and negative stress.

Because of my focus on helping people achieve their results easier, I was interested in seeing this infographic, produced by Suzanne Bourner from Human Driven Business ltd, after meeting her at a conference recently.  [click to continue…]