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Productivity = the right task at right time for right reason

productive priority workload management #wp2p with Richard Maybury

One of the foundational principles in all my Defending Priorities training programmes is

Do the right task at the right time for the right reason’.

It is easy to say and sounds sensible but is difficult to achieve without the right information and context being available at the right time to make that right decision.

Too many people don’t have a robust priority and workload management system capable of supporting that right decision in the heat of a demanding day. They still succeed, of course, but often paying too high a personal price for that success. Win easier…..


Linkedin Advanced Search being withdrawn from free accounts.

Levearge your linkedin results with Richard Maybury

Linkedin is continually improving its platform. Sometimes this means that really useful and popular elements are withdrawn from free account holders and made available to Premium, paying customers only. Advanced Search is one such feature and, according to a few friends, it will be withdrawn from free accounts very soon. So, if you were thinking about creating some free focused marketing lists from your LinkedIn connections you better act fast before your account is ‘improved’. Do this…. [click to continue…]

Make the most of opportunities Weld purpose to priorities with Richard Maybury #wp2p

Life has a habit of throwing things at us, doesn’t it. Sometimes the journey is tougher than we would like it to be, things don’t go to plan, we get let down, doors close.

This is normal. This happens to everyone. Indeed, it is the most compelling reason to heed the words of the Rev. John Watson: ‘Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’. which is usually incorrectly credited to Plato as you can see here.

When things don’t go as we want them to, it can be useful to step back from the heat and emotion and look deliberately for the Opportunity within.

Let go of what the boss, your colleague, client, market, partner, politicians, bankers, government, EU, the world or the universe has just done to you and look for the opportunity. You will probably find, as I do, that every now and again a door opens and lets the future in.


Cyber security policies, protocols and hard protection are all important but engaging staff in the ruthless, relentless reality of cyber risk is vital!


How to deliver your results easier in 2017

proven measurable productivity gains with time and priority management training from Richard Maybury

Whatever our roles are, one thing is for certain. Next year we will be driving and delivering a new set of challenging, stretching goals, projects, targets and ambitions for ourselves, our people and the businesses we are engaged in.

In all probability our competitors will not be getting out of our way to make it easier for us, which could mean our workloads will be increasing in volume, velocity and urgency. If you know that you and your people can’t work any harder next year you must work even smarter than you are right now. Here’s how…


Time Tested Truth

Richard Maybury time and priority management truths #wp2p

Vita is brevis and tempus does fugit.

Hippocrates, the ‘the father of medicine’, was right back in 400BC and is today. Virgil was right back in 29BC and is right today.

None of us have time, none of us can save time, all of us slide through it at exactly the same rate. That’s why it is so important for us to synchronise our compass and our clock, to weld our purpose to our priorities, even if it only means that we make better decisions on doing the right task at the right time for the right reasons.

Prioritising our tasks, of course is only a very small part of the game. The big play is ….


When is the best time to wake up?

define purpose decide strategy defend priorities deliver results

There is a lot of productivity literature around the subject of time and priority management, and you will find a fair share of it here on my blog. For now, though, just one question:

Q: When is the best time to wake up?

A: 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. Why? Because…..


Building Personal productivity and productive capacity #WP2P

#wp2p welding purpose to priorities

People often ask me ‘Hey Rich, what’s your number one top tip for improving my productivity?’ They, of course, know that there is no such thing. But I still get asked it!

The truth is that our personal productivity is determined by our personal productive capacity far more than it is by any tip, trick, tool or hack.

Furthermore, this personal productive capacity is incredibly elastic. It grows or shrinks directly in relation to the quality of nurturing and nourishment we give it. And it is always within our control. the best way to improve our productivity


my top tips for a Best Man speech

Richard Maybury 4D formula for Best Man speech

Last week a friend asked me for a few pointers for a ‘Best Man’ speech. He has known the Groom since school days and, like most of us, has been to a few weddings, but this is his first time as Best Man and he is looking for guidance.

Because he is also a client, I thought it would be useful to reply within my 4D Productivity formula framework. What would you add / modify? [click to continue…]


Reframing time and recalibrating importance

recalibrate priority and time management through contemplation

You are well aware that in the coming and going and the routines of our everyday lives, we rarely get to do everything we intend to do. This is true for all of us.

Yet most of us would consider many of those undone things as important to us; which makes for an interesting dichotomy.

How then can we better weld our core purposes to our priorities day to day?

My suggestion today is based on 2 very common drivers and one common assumption: [click to continue…]