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3 indispensable #productivity apps

3 best productivity apps for working smarter

It was towards the end of a recent TeamTalk I was delivering, within an initiative my client calls ‘Staying ahead of the curve’.  We were covering the whole gamut of attitudes, skills and behaviours around personal productivity and working smarter.

Inevitably, the topic of leveraging technology to drive priority decisions and smarter workload management behaviours was raised up and a lively exchange ensued, comparing various Apps. As often happens, people started downloading Apps whilst others were still advocating them – such is the hunger to stay on top of stuff. 3 indispensable productivity apps


How to Prioritise between a rock and a hard place

between a rock and a hard place

Sometimes work can get real messy, can’t it? Especially when we have tons to do and time is  not on our side. Sometimes it can be too easy to fall into reactive mode, focusing on firefighting, defusing the incendiary bombs before they explode in our face.

Yesterday I was supporting a great guy with a big job, successfully winning but at an unacceptable, unsustainable personal price. It was when he said ‘Richard, right now I’m just too busy fighting the alligators to have time to clear the swamp’ that I had to very explicitly challenge his thinking – and his behaviours. I’m sharing here one of the shifts he found most useful ….. prioritizing under pressure

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Pay attention to how you pay attention

The need to pay attention to how we pay attention is greater than ever it was.

The prioritisation methods I teach gets some very valuable back up from Daniel Levitin, a prominent neuroscientist. [click to continue…]


Don’t talk to me about Passion

Sometimes it seems to me that everyone on the planet is talking about how passionate they are.

Most of them are passionate, of course. And they are right to be passionate. And that’s not the point. And I’m not talking about using ‘passionate’ in your LinkedIn profile or in CVs either.  That’s already been well covered by LinkedIn themselves in this January2015 post which shows that ‘Passionate’ is the second highest descriptor used in LinkedIn profiles after ‘Motivated‘. That makes it a poor differentiator in my book.

No, I’m talking about talking about our passions. [click to continue…]


is my smartwatch better than Microsoft Band

my smartwatch is better than Microsoft Band

Ho Hum. After what feels like a lifetime enabling people to master time, regain control, integrate their personal and work life better, reduce stress and generally become outstanding at welding their purpose to their priorities, I get around to releasing my first productivity product. [click to continue…]


Leadership beyond words

weldining leadership purpose to daily priorities

Sometimes words are not needed.

Leadership transcends words.

It starts with Purpose and the golden thread runs all the way through to the small decisions on what priorities we defend and deliver day to day.

call me to see how, together, we can weld purpose to priorities for you, your team or your company



You probably know that if you hit the standard ‘Invite’ button or tick box in your LinkedIn app on your phone, that a blank, bland invite goes out to the person you so much want to connect with. You also know that the invite will be less well received as a result.
Here’s how to send a customised invitation request on your LinkedIn app on your mobile phone:

create custom LinkedIn invites from your mobile


What Constitutes Success? In less than 100 words

These 95 words sum it up perfectly for me. What do you think? What constitutes success?


A few people who have migrated to Outlook 2013 have asked if they can edit the subject lines of emails they receive in their inbox, which helps them in filing, searching or categorizing their received emails. The answer is ‘Yes’. Here’s how: manage your inbox better



You and I know that, along with the joys and successes we will experience in 2015, we will also face a few challenges.

Well, a few days back I allowed myself to experience an almost paralyzing sense of overwhelm in the face of some very big challenges.

I ground to a halt.     For hours.        Very unlike me!

Even some very astute coaching questions from my wife weren’t enough.
I couldn’t allow it to continue though. Obviously.

So I decided to do an experiment on myself, which I’m happy to share with you.

Here’s what I did. working with the 4C Mental Toughness model