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Proven measurable productivity improvement results 2015

proven measurable productivity gains with time and priority management training from Richard Maybury

The 2015 productivity improvement measurement results from our flagship workload prioritization, email and time management training are in.

20,600 people report a 59 minute per person per day productivity improvement. People just like you and those you lead.

These people also dominate their inbox, their schedules, their mobile devices and work better together into the bargain. This is measured up to 4 weeks after the training so we are measuring sustained behaviour change here.

To get a sense of what this means call me on +44 (0)7711571653 or continue reading

A 59 minute productivity gain a day is only the start though. Other workload and time management improvements include:

  • 57% Improvement in Email and technology tools management skills
  • 49% Improvement in managing information
  • 56% Improvement in Planning and Organisation
  • 34% improvement in Delegating effectiveness
  • 35% improvement in getting results from meetings
  • 34% improvement in teamworking
  • 43% reduction in Stress levels
  • 37% improvement in balancing Work / Life demands

These are Real results from real people. Results available to you, right now. Want to know more about this proven training and support programme and how we can bring it to you? Call me on +44 (0)1428 607763 or reserve your seat on one of my free web briefings below, or complete the form below the tickets (You will find a few helpful questions below it).

Together we will deliver results worth talking about – that’s a promise.

What would that mean for you? What would it mean for your business, your career, your work/life balance, your sense of control? What would it mean for your team and their results? Call me on +44 (0)1428607763 or let me know how I can support you or reserve your seat on one of my upcoming free 30 minute web briefing and taster sessions by hitting the link below, or by filling the form below that, or calling me. 

If you prefer not to call me or reserve your seat on one of my online briefings, you can always complete this form amd I will get back to you:

Are you looking for our Training or Speaking service? Our support runs from our truly legendary 5 phase training support programme, through to workshops, keynote speaking, TeamTalks and Executive Briefings.

Who are you looking to support? We provide packages to support your company, your team or specific individuals. We can support your people across Europe in 4 languages. We can integrate with your LMS or help you with our own simplified administration support. We can deliver at your office, wherever you are, or over the web with our remote training facility

What are some of the productivity and performance challenges you want to address? We have proven expertise in these areas: Smarter Working. Managing Priorities maximising software. Goal creation and control. Welding purpose to priorities. Thinking and planning strategically. Project planning. Project Management. Smarter Teamworking. Making the most of Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mindmanager, CRM, Blackberry to improve productivity. Ninja email mastery. Improving results through remote teams. Improving influencing skills. Applied NLP. Generating and maintaining personal momentum. Living purposefully

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