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Results worth talking about. Clients say it better

measurable productivity improvements in managing purpose and priority decisions in busy days with richard maybury #wp2p

Here you will find just a few of the many kind comments I have received from clients recently. All attest to the practicality of our content and our fanatical support that enables people to literally Change the habits of a working lifetime and define, defend and deliver their priorities and critical results easier.

Want results like these for yourself and your people? Get in touch to see how, together, we will produce ‘Results Worth Talking About’.

‘I have to be honest, with a training title of ‘Working smarter’ in my diary I wasn’t holding out much hope for the training day. But – wow! For me, Richard’s ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities with Outlook’ made Outlook productive at last. It’s given me the knowledge to get the most out of Outlook and release the mash of stuff I try and remember or get frustrated by every day. So – big thank you Richard’
John Griggs Business Systems Manager Branston Holdings Ltd

I was sceptical about the training before I attended but I was pleasantly surprised. Richard’s training is practical, the changes I have made are palpable. I am now much better organised in giving shape to my days. On reflection, in the past I was probably over-engineering my workload management approach. I now have a lightweight, flexible and quick approach to  managing my priorities. The sense of overwhelm has been lifted and I feel more in control. The training exceeded my expectations.’ Robert Shapcott, Trainer Domestic & General Insurance’

I’m offering my thanks to Richard and his team some 16 years after attending an original Working Smart programme, at a time that seems right to share quite how much value I have retained from a few short hours. Attending this course changed working life for me. As now a business leader in my own right, some don’t believe it’s possible that I can run a company and leave every day with an empty inbox, but I vouch that it can be done. The programme is one of the best work investments I’ve ever made.
Kate Wadia, Managing Director Phase 3 Consulting

Richard recently provided me with an hour of Personal Performance Support , I did the Priority Management training about 20 years ago, with the paper organiser system. At that point I discovered a way of dealing with all my appointments, conversations, emails, phone calls and To-Do tasks in a way that I’d never been able to before. Over the years, as technology has somewhat taken over, my system has developed still following the 4D principles. Richard’s guidance in driving those productivity principles through Outlook has taken it back to its original best. I started my day today with new vigour and a To-Do list that might actually get done. Thank you Richard
Andrew Parsons M.I.M.I, Director, Shortfield Garage

I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Richard since the start of 2017. I work in a very busy environment with many stakeholders and he has taught me how to manage all my competing priorities in a simple and effective way. Richard has transformed the way I work by first streamlining the way I structure and prioritise my workload via Microsoft Outlook alongside our other business software and Apps. He has also made small tweaks and given me extremely useful tips and tricks that have realised to huge positive results. I can honestly say Richard’s mentorship has made me 100% more productive and efficient. I have recommended Richard’s services to many people within my network and I also strongly recommend you give him a buzz! 🙂 Jason Mathew-Mammen, Client Manager at Acuity Professional Group

‘Richard is generous in providing positive challenge and support. After an hour of incisive questioning, insights, ideas and practical support material I am driving more purpose and momentum into my project than I was previously.’ Malcolm O’Donovan ACA MBA

‘After a major restructure within our organisation we recognised that the main issue that was causing stress amongst our workforce was the amount of work expected of them and the lack of time to do it in.  We kept hearing the phrases “I have so much to do I just don’t know how to get it done”, “there are too many interruptions” and “I have too many emails”.  The initial reaction is to throw resource at the problem but we were reluctant to increase our overheads without exploring other solutions first. We wanted our team to work Smarter and not harder and that’s where Richard came in.

Richard had a good understanding of our organisation and what we wanted to achieve and he introduced us to his ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ time and workload management training course.  This half day course enabled our team to use outlook smarter, to be less driven by emails and more by your calendar and Tasks.  One of the most useful aspects of the training was to use the task list.  This has transformed the way I keep track of actions from both the day to day tasks/interruptions and the constant flow of emails I receive.  For me post it notes are a thing of the past!

As with any change some of our team found it difficult to adapt and whilst they enjoyed the training they found it challenging changing their “habit of a lifetime”.  Richard’s post training support has proved invaluable, he keeps in regular contact with all the participants and gently reinforces the need for a smarter way of working.  Outlook is a vast tool and we were only using a small part of it, this training and the continued support is helping us get to grips with a more intelligent approach to time management. Thank you Richard for your continued support’
Kate Sharp HR Director G&B Electronic Designs Limited

I was promoted in to a new senior position to deliver a major strategic, multi-country project for the Group. I had no previous experience during my career of managing a project of this magnitude and needed to hit the ground running immediately and make an impact on the business.

I had met Richard previously during some work he did for the Senior Team of the Company on Leadership Development and managing competing priorities. I engaged Richard to do some coaching for me to assist in my new role. With Richard’s help, I created a strategic plan of how the project would be delivered. My coaching sessions also helped me work through some stressful interpersonal situations. The coaching helped me deliver greater productivity, taught me a lot about myself and how I was being perceived within the Company. I used to look forward to my coaching sessions. It gave me the opportunity to put things in perspective and gave me confidence to take bold and decisive actions. Richard gave me ideas on how I could improve my communication to make the required impact. I would use my sessions to hear my own voice and would take guidance from Richard on improving specific skills such as delegation, conflict management. These sessions gave me the confidence to deal with the most senior Management within the Company. My project was successfully delivered on time. This would certainly not have been possible without the Coaching I received from Richard. My only regret is that I didn’t discover him sooner!
Dax Patel  Group Accounting Director, Handicare Group AB

Richard provided an excellent and inspirational presentation for the CII Luton and St Albans Branch yesterday. It was a highly interactive and practical session where Richard provided proven approaches to leveraging the way we can use LinkedIn to maximise benefits. We received some excellent feedback and here is a selection
• Very interesting engaging speaker
• Good event, excellent speaker and duration
• Very knowledgeable
• Very informative, made me realise how much I need to do
• This was genuinely helpful – the speaker was inspirational
David Korn ACII APFS Secretary of the Luton and St.Albans Insurance Institute.

Richard keeps his promise and does indeed offer lifelong post course support! To be fair it’s still the best course I’ve ever done.
Craig Thomson, Client Director – Genomics, Dell EMC | UK Public Sector

Thank you for the time management training that you conducted for my team and I. I know everyone learned something useful and each have implemented different elements.

For myself it has made a huge difference, I was finding that keeping on top of the endless stream of emails, numerous to do lists and follow ups in my head was an impossible and incredibly stressful expectation. Adopting a more organised and strategic/best practice approach to how I manage my time, tasks, follow ups and emails has taken a huge amount of stress out of my life and I feel much more in control. No more do I suffer from waking up in the night having finally remembered something I should have done and then the rest of the night stressing about it. My personal time is now my own and I can now give myself full permission to relax because I know that everything important that I need to keep track of is managed in effective system. Many thanks again.’ Laura McBrown Managing Director G&B Electronic Designs Ltd  

Richard provided us with training and support in relation to managing competing priorities in a busy work environment, using Microsoft Outlook to deliver results.
He quickly guided us through the easy steps we can take to ensure that Outlook works for us (and not the other way around).
I have found his guidance invaluable in setting up a structured approach that ensures I am in complete control of my diary and commitments.
I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to achieve the same
Adam Williams, Employment Lawyer DMHStallard

Richard worked with the Directors of Uvex Safety UK through his “Thinking Strategically” programme.  Together with his post-programme one-to-one implementation support this has enabled us to work more effectively as a team; and the impact on our business has been very positive. On the back of that programme, we engaged Richard to run a workshop with our already very successful sales team, challenging us all to “raise the bar” by broadening and strengthening our key customer relationships, using benchmarks of best practice both within and outside of our own sector. Richard’s work with us, in addition to its direct impact on our sales effectiveness, also contributed to the company’s Investors in People accreditation being uplifted from Silver to Gold status. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s facilitation and support work. John Gill, Managing Director uvex safety (UK) Ltd

I have had the pleasure in working with Richard in both my roles at EMC and VMware, latterly as Head of Global Talent Development. Richard is one of the nicest people I have come across and goes beyond the call of duty, to ensure that his customer is always happy. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Richard is always very cheerful and approachable personally whilst maintaining rigorous professionalism in the way he manages the business we have done together. His courses have helped both organisations in the priority management space. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Richard again. Tracey Sullivan, Head of People Development, EMEA at Invesco Perpetual

Richard has the uncommon ability to get people to do what they know they should – but never did! And stick to it! – like they never did. Work with him.’ Tony Murphy, MD Finevalley Communications ltd

Thanks for today Richard. I feel told off, encouraged, and perhaps slightly scared! You managed to get straight to the point and I feel re-energised. I didn’t expect to get this much out of just one hour over coffee! Martine Harris MPH Coaching

Thank you so much to Richard for your ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ training at our venue last Thursday, your training is hugely appreciated and will be massively beneficial to us as a team.
Abbie Hills, Office Coordinator  www.kingschurchlewes.org

Within just a 5 minute conversation with Richard I’ve sorted out my linked in ‘issue’. I did as he suggested and it’s working beautifully for me now. Something that has been bothering me for more than a year…. if only I’d spoken to you sooner!
Denise Jones, Robinson Jones Events Owner & Events Organiser

‘Richard’s Executive Coaching really works. Since 2011, I have been using his techniques every day to keep on top of all my competing priorities easier than I thought possible. My workload hasn’t reduced, of course, but my sense of control has certainly increased’. Ivor Stockdale Financial Controller Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Richard welds insightfulness and inspiration with uncompromising practicality, if you want ‘How To’ instead of ‘Should Do’ you must book him.’ Neil Jenkinson Financial Measures ltd

I’m still using Richard’s email management techniques, 7 years after my training. They are brilliant and a great time saver, and I’m very grateful for them.’ Clare Schorah Asst Marketing Manager, Shipleys llp

Richard ran a session for 10 of our managers on Influencing With Integrity, many of them lacked the confidence to deal and manage difficult situations.

This 3 hour session was lots of fun and all of the managers were fully engaged with the training through Richard’s great ability to keep people engaged. There is no doubt that Richard gave the staff tools that they have since used when managing people, in fact two staff have mentioned it to me. Thank you Richard for giving up your time to support the White Lodge Centre. Leslie Robbins, Director White Lodge Centre

Six weeks ago Richard provided me with a coaching session based on his ‘Working Smarter with Outlook’ programme. The outcome of that session, and the follow up that Richard gave, has been transformational.  Richard suggests that the programme can deliver significant time savings, and in my experience that is very true. Perhaps more significantly, the underlying principles of the programme are to concentrate on ‘focus’ management, rather than time management, and that has helped me concentrate on the strategically important areas of my work.  It is also worth commenting that the learning has stuck, by which I mean the outcome is a change of habits, which I am confident will continue. Gaius Hiscox Principal Contract Manager at PGS

As a charity, we at CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) were the beneficiaries of one of Richard’s ‘Donation Days’. Around half of our office staff attended a thought-provoking 3 hour session with Richard and this has resulted in a number of people adopting changes in behaviour / procedures. From a technology / process perspective, many people have embraced the suggested new approach to using Outlook, which immediately reduces the stress of continually being confronted with a bulging Inbox and huge disorganised ‘To Do’ list! Perhaps more intriguingly though, staff who attended Richard’s session have taken on board a lot of the ethos / philosophy behind how and why we do things certain ways. In all sorts of contexts, staff now seem a little more reflective about whether something is done out of habit, or because it really is the ‘best way’. People are starting to analyse their habitual behaviours and consider whether it is time to break old habits. My gut feeling is that the combination of ‘new tools’ (using Outlook differently) and ‘new thinking’ will lead to a significant reduction in stress for 3 or 4 people in particular; and improved efficiency and sense of control over workload for a dozen or more staff. All-in-all, I think it has been a very positive experience for CRY. Thanks Richard.  Kerry Gray, Office Manager CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

Richard is one of that rare breed of always positive can-do advisors who adds value in every situation and every conversation. His insights and suggestions are always practical and helpful. If you are looking for a new angle on any business challenge that you are facing, I recommend you give Richard a call. Joe Burnie Non Executive Director and Business Consultant

I have worked with Richard as one of his clients and as a business partner, where he has provided specialist productivity input into my Mastermind groups. Richard has an outstanding ability to enable his audience to get clarity on their purposeful priorities and then to drive these into their daily decisions. What is more, he then equips them to maximise their existing tools like Microsoft Outlook and their tablets and phones to provide a seamless purpose and productivity platform from which to work. I recommend his training and speaking services wholeheartedly. Mark Russell Real Business Edge

Richard led a really effective interactive session with about 40 of our staff.  It was thought provoking, and it spread understanding about the role of every member of the team as an ambassador for the charity in their various roles.  He has an electrifying and convincing style, and moves at a pace that brings everyone within the scenario he is building. Bob Hughes, Chief Executive – Sight for Surrey

I can honestly say that Richard’s Working Smarter with Microsoft Outlook is the best course I have ever attended. I am feeling more organised, more productive and less stressed than ever. Bryan Aherne, Senior Account Service Engineer at EMC

Thank you Richard, It’s been a pleasure working with you and this is the most useful course I think I have ever done. You explain everything so well so it was all easy to follow. I would recommend you to anyone in who needs help organising and prioritising Workload Janet Hurley, Operations Change Lead, Domestic & General

I am still telling  everyone that Richard’s Priority training is life changer, 5 years after my first conversation with him Derek Kelly Process Engineer Sartorious AG

Richard’s Critical Results and workload management training remains one of the most life-changing sessions I have attended!! Nigel Pollard, Business Unit Manager, Civica UK Limited

Richard’s training and support has been a God send in my new role. Allan Akers, Ecommerce Manager at Tippers

I can’t recommend Richard and his Outlook Priority Management training course enough. Having never received any formal training on Outlook yet spending the majority of my time in this program. This gave me a completely new prospective on how I manage and execute my workload. Gone is the habit to open the inbox and keep on working until all the messages are answered rather than focusing on where I can bring greatest value. With this clearer view of my workload, I feel much happier and motivated in my role and want to continue to develop the time management skills covered in this course. James Smith, Sales, Summit Europe CV

I have just come of a Pit Stop support call with Richard. His questions, insights, suggestions and experience helped me clarify my thinking and move quickly forward on a strategic issue I was grappling with. Every professional conversation with Richard is enjoyable, and, yes, many are inspiring. Most important for me as an MD though, is that every call provides me with practical, actionable information I can immediately work with in the business. I strongly recommend Richard’s support services. David Blackburn MD, EQT Mid Market (GP) Limited

I rave about Richard’s Tactical Priority Management course to anyone that will listen, and specifically Richard’s style of delivery, because the combination of the delivery and the content of the course (strategies, techniques and mindsets) have not only influenced me in my work, they have transformed it. I am more operationally efficient with workload management (especially around managing Outlook effectively and efficiently): significantly moreso than I used to be, which is very important to me in my line of work. I owe that very largely to Richard. I’ve just come off a call with him that was offered to me as a follow up to the last time I sat the course several months ago, just to keep track of how I’m doing and to re-ignite some of the learnings that I might have let slip. I frequently recommend Richard and the Tactical Priority Management course to anyone! Tom Holiday  Sales @ EMC

I attended Richard’s Tactical Priority Management with Outlook training today and have to say that I am a changed woman. Gone are my handwritten to do lists and now have empty inbox. I already feel more in control and very much looking forward to what else we will cover in the support call.  Louise Shaw, Professional Services Delivery Manager VMware

I am incredibly happy that I did the Working Smart with Outlook training with Richard Maybury. I feel that my ability to focus has improved and for the first time I am working from an empty inbox. The training and support has been far more useful than I ever thought it would be and I am happy to recommend it to anyone looking to work smarter. Tina Dorrington, Customer Experience Manager, Domestic and General Insurance

Thank you Richard for a brilliant presentation on ‘Thinking Strategically whilst driving your business at 100mph’ for the 2012 Dorking Business Show. The feedback we have received has been very positive’  Yvonne Bavin H J P Independent Financial Advisers Limited

This is from a client where we trained the whole team via tutor-led webshops: Thank you so much for the training Richard – it was fabulous, really impressive and incredibly useful. The feedback among the group here is that it has been the best training we have ever put on, and the most practical in terms of having tools now to really change and improve how people work. You have spurred some great debate about many of the issues and questions you raised, all very positive indeed.I am full of admiration for how you made the trainings so easy, so pleasant, and so personal. It was as though you were in the room with us! So, again, a very big thank you. Tony Burke CEO www.allglobal.com

Richard, thanks for the Linkedin guide, as expected short and punchy. Although we don’t directly communicate often, I appreciate all the work you do and publish – no other training organisation or individual trainer, I have come across in my many years, comes close to maintaining commitment, drive and communication with people in their network as you. Keep it up – as I’m sure you know, there’s a silent majority out there. Regards Carl Douglas  Alliance Manager at 2e2 http://www.2e2.com/

I have found Richard’s Working Smart training ridiculously useful thus far. I’ve been using it as instructed for 3 months now. Really useful stuff.’James Mclarnon Domestic and General Insurance.

Stop thrashing about in the dark and get Richard Maybury to turn the lights on’ Stuart Dey Business Development Director Shipleys LLP

We are always looking to develop our business practices and our IT Support company, Ramsac, recommended that we speak to Richard Maybury about time management and using Microsoft Outlook to drive productivity. We were keen to become more efficient but sceptical about how Outlook could support this. However, we got Richard in and he ran an informative and entertaining two hour session, packed with practical content, for our whole team. He demonstrated the power that can be unleashed through Microsoft Outlook and we have now adopted a lot of his suggestions into our ways of working. Thank you Ramsac for the recommendation and thank you Richard Maybury for helping us to work smarter. Jon Whiteman, Assistant Director CIL

Your training and the follow up has been by far the most useful I have had in any company; I especially liked the follow up session, as it keeps focus on continuous change and the chance to adjust if necessary. I’d recommend your training to anyone, it’s a life saver!’ Giovanni Minchella vmware

‘After attending a ‘Smarter Priority Management with Microsoft Outlook’ course with Richard, I returned home to my wife and said that I had “attended a course that would change my life!” Of course she very quickly came back with a response along the lines of “Will it change your life outside of work too?” and then she said “I thought it was a course about how to use MS Outlook, how can that change your life?” In truth, it was so much more! I approached the day with a healthy dose of skepticism, thinking that I already successfully organize and prioritize my work using my ‘ABC rule’; in looking at my ‘to-do’ list every day, I labeled tasks with ‘A’ – to do today, ‘B’-to do tomorrow and ‘C’ – to delegate. What I soon discovered on the course was that I was missing an option to say ‘no’ and the ability to schedule things beyond tomorrow! As the day progressed, it became apparent that I was not prioritizing my tasks effectively; I treated every client request as a crisis requiring an immediate response and never actually deleted anything relating to a project off my ‘to-do’ list until the project was complete and delivered…there were even ‘tasks’ that were permanent and that I re-visited daily…all the while kidding myself that ‘I work better under pressure’ and wondering why I spent all my time at home worrying about work. A few simple rules have significantly and immediately changed the way I approach my work …….and I have no doubt that my wife will feel a difference outside of work – I even managed to learn a little bit about outlook functionality as well!’ Neil A. Jones PhD, Director – Branded Solutions Medical Marketing Research International

 “Before the Tactical Priority Management course with Richard, I thought it wouldn’t help me as much as it helped some of my colleagues. I was wrong. Following the course, I have started to make the small, easy changes to the way I work. I’m getting home earlier in the evenings and I can ‘switch off’ at night and at the weekends, which is great. I feel that I’m on top of my workload and, for the first time since I started my career, there is just about enough time in the day.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert. Stuart McCaul  Corporate Account Manager EMC

Richard welds insightfulness and inspiration with uncompromising practicality, if you want ‘How To’ instead of ‘Should Do’ you must book him.’ Neil Jenkinson Financial Measures ltd

Richard’s Priority Management training is a key component of our Management Development Programme. It has been very well received with consistently positive feedback. People have actually been able to identify the improvements they have felt empowered to make following the workshop and coaching and, thanks to Richard for making sure that the needs of each group was met, not just in terms of outcome but in delivery style as well.’ EMC Computer Systems EMEA Training and Development Manager

Our organisation challenged Richard to deliver a series of tailored MS Outlook productivity workshops that would enhance our working practices. Richard’s approach was efficient and effective throughout the engagement and his passion for the subject matter was evident. Without doubt one of the most valuable training investments we have undertaken.” Malcolm Ogg Director, Portfolio Development (CMR) Thomson Reuters

Richard and Priority have helped me retain better focus and control over my deliverables with less effort, stress and pain – even with up to 100 emails a day! Work with him if you want to change the way you work for the better.’ Phil Benton Director Civica PLC.

‘I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the training course last week I was very sceptical – what can you possibly teach me – I have been using Outlook for years….. I was wrong, I got a lot out of the course, I currently have an empty mail box and a well organised schedule of tasks and diary. I currently feel more on top of what I have got going on and better able to schedule my time and resources. I would strongly recommend that we roll out this course to other people in DELL.’ Nick Jefferson, DELL Enterprise Solutions Consultant. 

Working in IT sales, I have attended countless training courses, but can honestly say that Richard is the best coach I have ever come across. The content of his Priority Management course is exceptional and has dramatically changed the way I work. I found Richard to be very personable and a truly inspirational trainer. I have recommended Richard’s Priority Management course to several of my colleagues, and would certainly recommend that everyone attend one of his courses Stephen Hardy Account Manager at VMWare

Richard is a highly organised and professional individual with a real passion for his work. His energy and animation enrich his delivery of courses and his advice and evidence are both practical and bring immediate results.” James Quickfall Head of Client Services at Retail Decisions Inc. 

Richard has worked with EMC as a provider of training in the area of personal productivity and time management. I have recommended his training to my peers and friends, inside and outside of EMC and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. Prior to my attendance on these courses I was struggling to manage my inbox and my tasks and I was regularly dropping balls. The Priority Management training that Richard delivered, invested me with the skills to make a fundamental improvement in personal productivity and to start successfully juggling the balls again. The subsequent Strategic Priority Management course has allowed me to use that personal productivity and organisation to take a structured approach to meeting my goals. The results have surpassed my expectations. Richard provides excellent post training support, which I have also found an invaluable aid to implementing the techniques. What was evident during the courses is that Richard really understands his subject area and knows how to apply that knowledge. In addition he has a relaxed style that works well with the subject matter.” Ian Harvey EMC Computer Systems

I attended one of Richard’s courses on time management using Outlook and our current trend to urgency addiction. The results from attending the course were for me immediate, I am more organised, more focused and more in control and I am very grateful to him for the wisdom he imparted. If you’re considering engaging with Richard take my word for it and don’t hesitate to go for it! Robert May MD Ramsac Ltd 

‘On behalf of the team I’d like to thank you for what was an excellent session on Tuesday.  Thanks also for the follow-up tips and advice.  I have been using the process in anger since Tuesday night and it is truly liberating to manage work-flows in this way.  I will be adjusting my Management Framework to include the processes learnt in the session and I will keep you posted on how that works out.

I am confident that my team and I will be more productive as individuals and in our work-groups following this program.  I am particularly keen to get stuck in to tasks that are managed through ‘categories’.  One of the big battles we have here  is the breadth and scope of what we do.  It is often difficult to cancel out the noise from the music and ‘focus’ is everything.  Relating work-loads, time, tasks and energy to ‘priorities’ ought to be the weapon of choice in that battle. Your references to tasks that ‘follow the money’ resonates very well within EMC!! I would recommend this course to everyone, particularly given the velocity at which our field operates and the need for laser focus activity management. Gavin Jackson EMC

This program has proved absolutely invaluable to me. Richard’s practical approach makes it easy to implement small changes that make a huge difference. I was struggling to balance an ever-increasing workload with the daily demands being made on me in my evolving role. By embracing not only the process but also the philosophy of Richard’s Priority Management, I have completely overhauled the way I work. Instead of sticking yet another post-it in my workspace, making a mental note or erratically running a highlighter over something, I now organize everything through outlook – clean, simple and efficient. I have never been so consistently productive or confident that I am staying on top of things by dedicating my resources to the right tasks. This training has come early in my career and I count myself lucky to be presented with such a useful tool. I’m sure it will serve me well into the future. If you have a chance to participate in this program – do it! It’s simply impossible to exaggerate how beneficial and valuable it is. Louise Cannon VMWare

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  • Abbie Hills May 16, 2016, 11:10 am

    Thank you so much to Richard for your ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ training at our venue last Thursday, your training is hugely appreciated and will be massively beneficial to us as a team.

  • Kerry Gray April 10, 2015, 11:20 am

    As a charity, we at CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) were the beneficiaries of one of Richard’s ‘Donation Days’. Around half of our office staff attended a thought-provoking 3 hour session with Richard and this has resulted in a number of people adopting changes in behaviour / procedures. From a technology / process perspective, many people have embraced the suggested new approach to using Outlook, which immediately reduces the stress of continually being confronted with a bulging Inbox and huge disorganised ‘To Do’ list! Perhaps more intriguingly though, staff who attended Richard’s session have taken on board a lot of the ethos / philosophy behind how and why we do things certain ways. In all sorts of contexts, staff now seem a little more reflective about whether something is done out of habit, or because it really is the ‘best way’. People are starting to analyse their habitual behaviours and consider whether it is time to break old habits. My gut feeling is that the combination of ‘new tools’ (using Outlook differently) and ‘new thinking’ will lead to a significant reduction in stress for 3 or 4 people in particular; and improved efficiency and sense of control over workload for a dozen or more staff. All-in-all, I think it has been a very positive experience for CRY. Thanks Richard!

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