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‘How-To’ Productivity. Rooted in reality – reaching beyond it.

You can make the most of our expertise and experience through a wide range of support solutions to perfectly fit your culture, current situation and future ambition. We creatively craft proven IP and Best Practice to deliver Results Worth Talking About.

But we do more. We build and deliver inspirational programmes that change culture, values, attitudes, mindsets, behaviour, habits, rituals and processes that drive your peoples’ ability to deliver improved performance, productivity, quality and profit.

Tactical to Strategic productivity expertise includes:

  • Managing competing priorities within demanding workloads: Delivering 68 minutes of extra productive capacity per person per day
  • Maximising Microsoft Outlook, Outlook for Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry for personal and team productivity
  • Ninja email management – zero@inbox forever!
  • Collaboration and teamworking
  • Managing Critical Results, Goals and Targets
  • Managing personal resilience and productive capacity
  • Meetings management
  • Thinking into Mindmaps and Mindjet MindManager
  • Learning and leveraging practical NLP and EI mindsets, skills and behaviours
  • Project management
  • Project planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Uncovering , clarifying, articulating and driving Values, Vision, Mission and Objectives
  • Leveraging leadership and Influencing with integrity
  • Uncovering and defining Purpose: The start and end off all worthwhile endeavour

‘I would recommend this course to everyone, particularly given the velocity at which our field operates and the need for laser focus activity management.’ Gavin Jackson EMEA Director – Cloud & Eco-Systems vmware

Together we will produce the content and support format that is right for you and your business. Enquire now

“I’ve known Richard for 7 or 8 years and he’s run several sessions for me and my clients. Richard is well known for his approach to what he calls ‘Welding purpose to priorities’. What I like about Richard and why I’m happy to recommend him, is that he puts the ‘How To’ into all the inspiring stuff we have been exposed to before by so called Gurus. He combines inspiration with simple practicality so that you can quickly implement new ideas. In my experience people DO things differently after they have worked with him.” Tim Tostevin Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

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