‘Obstacles, problems and people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you’

Need help staying positively focused on your goals? This positive reinforcement idea may help you …..

You know how it is, you want to make changes – and you know from experience just how tough it can be to make changes, especially  personal changes, like the habits that no longer serve us well.

Positive reinforcement is so much more powerful and sustaining than negative reinforcement and this idea reinforces that by focusing on the many wins you experience along the way – despite the occasional lapse. There is no point in beating ourselves up but many people do, quite often because they are keeping the wrong score! I hope these pointers help.

Write down the things you want to start or stop doing. For each of these things write down a compelling reason WHY you are going to make the changes you need to. Select a manageable few to start with.
Now, create a grid or table with your changes and their reasons along the top and plenty of space below. This can be in digital or paper format. It is important to have it immediately accessible though.

The idea is to catch yourself ‘winning’ each time you do, don’t do or resist temptation. Dump and date the win onto the table. So,  if you resisted that cigarette after dinner or in the bar with friends dump it on your Habit Helper. If you do slip back, check that one slip against all the other minor victories along the way.

You can keep your Habit Helper on your phone, tablet, laptop, slip it into your organizer / day book or put it on the refrigerator – in fact, you can use it anywhere to keep the score, keep the positive reinforcement and the motivation going.
Finally, go public with your ambitions – it firms up the resolve – and whilst you are at it get trusted friends to support you.

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