“You cannot manage change, you can only be ahead of it” Dr Peter Drucker  1909-2005 

I am a big fan of Peter Drucker, the Godfather of Management in my view. Here is another distillation of his wisdom on controlling your daily schedule:

  • Dispense with Monday morning staff meetings, which violate the psychological law that one can always slow down but not usually speed up.
  • Effective executives make a periodic record of how they spend their time.
  • Remember that everything takes more time than expected.
  • Don’t use paperwork as a cover-up or crutch for personal insecurity.
  • Identify the tasks that take more than an hour a week and see if they can be done in half the time.
  • Systematically trim time wasters from your schedule. Ask of all activities: What would happen if I were starting from scratch – would I still be doing this?
  • Be aware that you cannot travel and hope to work effectively. This is especially true of the jet age where travel has become a substitute for thinking.
  • Continually ask: What do I have to learn today to keep learning for tomorrow?

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