OK, for all you rodent-phobics out there whose fingers glide so effortlessly across the face of your laptop keyboard, here’s a selection of my favourite and most used keyboard shortcuts within Outlook:

I have put these in what seems to me to be a logical grouping, which I hope will make finding and using these keystrokes easier! There are, of course, many more, but good old Dr Pareto was right and these 20% will probably give you 80% of what you are after in meaningful keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts to switch to a different Outlook folders:

CTRL+1 takes you to Mail (Don’t stay there too long!)
CTRL+2 takes you to Calendar (The best place to encourage proactivity)
CTRL+3 takes you to Contacts (for projects as well as people!
CTRL+4 takes you to Tasks (The best place for your To-Dos)

CTRL+SHIFT is the new ‘New’ in Microsoft Outlook forms

New Message  CTRL+SHIFT+M
new Appointment  CTRL+SHIFT+A New Meeting request  CTRL+SHIFT+Q
New Task  CTRL+SHIFT+K New Task request  CTRL+SHIFT+U
New Contact  CTRL+SHIFT+C
New Folder in view CTRL+SHIFT+E
New Distribution list  CTRL+SHIFT+L

Quick keyboard navigation in Outlook

Display the Microsoft Start menu  CTRL+ESC
Go to the next item (with item open)  CTRL+COMMA
Go to the previous item (with item open)  CTRL+PERIOD
Enter a name in the Find a Contact box in top toolbar  F11

Cool Keyboard shortcuts when working with Outlook emails

Create a New message  CTRL+N
Open a received message  CTRL+O
Send  the message ALT+S
Reply to a message  CTRL+R
Reply ALL to a message  CTRL+SHIFT+R (use with caution!)
Accept Task and Meeting Requests  ALT+C
Decline Task and Meeting Requests  ALT+D
Go to the next message  UP ARROW
Go to the previous message  DOWN ARROW
Mark a mail as read  CTRL+Q
Display the Address Book  CTRL+SHIFT+B

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