Dr Peter Honey is a respected friend of ours. His work and research has informed elements of our programmes. Personally, I look to him for much of my own thoughts around what I call ‘Learning on Purpose’ The Honey Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire is still the benchmark for defining your own Learning Style, as far as I’m concerned.

Peter has recently worked up a new on-line Inflenecing questionnaire with free access for a limited time and for a limited number of people, which he is extending to readers of my newsletter. I suggest you give it a go. Here’s how to get to Peter’s useful questionnaire:

 Peter Honey’s new Influencing Questionnaire:

For a limited period Peter Honey Publications are offering the opportunity to complete the Influencing Questionnaire online free of charge until 17th December 2008.
UPDATE 3 December: Phew! the extended limit has been reached and free access no longer available!
To do the questionnaire you need to register on Peter Honey’s site. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Go to http://influencing.peterhoney.com?referID=PM
2. Follow the steps to register. Please note – you will need to register on influencing.peterhoney.com even if you are already registered on any other Peter Honey website.
3. Your Entry Code is: influence
4. Complete the registration process.
5. Do the questionnaire.
6. Analyse your results and suggestions for action.

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