The Dictionary defines Procrastination as ‘Defer action …. be given to delay’ At some time or other we are all inclined to procrastinate. Tell-tale signs are:

  • When our in-box builds up
  • When our Daily Task list is full of overdue items
  • When we have ‘things to do’ that are not on our Task list
  • When we have to sort something out – but don’t yet know what is involved
  • When we have to sort something out – know what’s involved, but don’t like it and don’t want to do it yet!
  • When we leave something important up in the air and unscheduled because we are working on the urgent stuff right now
  • When our head is spinning with enormity of it all!


Clarity in our priority management approach conquers Procrastination

The answer to moving on from procrastination lies in being clear about what is important and making decisions about when we intend to do it. Sounds simple, and life seldom is. But having an updated road map Рin the form of our daily Task list against which we can make value -add judgements each day certainly helps!

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.