Not everyone in the organisation will have a MS Project licence on their laptops. You can still distribute MS Project tasks to those who are responsible for delivering them, via their most used office app…. Check out this approach:

1. Open the project plan in MS Project

2. Highlight all the tasks you wish to copy into Outlook.

3. Hit ‘Tools ‘ in the top toolbar

4. select ‘Workgroup’

5. Now select ‘Set Reminder’

6. Enter the reminder details as required (you may enter ‘0’ minutes, but a reminder is still set for the start date of the task)

7. Click OK and the task(s) will be entered into Outlook Tasks.

Note: Each Task will have the ‘Due Date’ set according to the project plan.

The ‘Due Date’ in the Outlook Task may need to be changed to be the same as the ‘Start Date’.

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.