You have just come out of an important meeting. You have critical, agreed actions to plan and deliver …. and you have another meeting in a few minutes! How do you keep on top of these commitments within your primary scheduling tool without spending time writing up notes? Here’s how:

Spinvox is a cool, clean, currently free and priceless web based utility

… for turning voice messages you leave yourself on your mobile into email messages delivered right to your inbox. You have enough capacity to leave yourself bullet action points from a meeting. Your action points will be in an email waiting for you next time you open Outlook for you to run your process on them and other new emails in your inbox. I have been using it since September last year and think it is great!

You can download the free SpinVox MEMO service here:

How I use Spinvox to stay on top of commitments on the run

I have spinvox on autodial on my mobile and simply call the service who then translate my voicemail into an email for me. If I have a number of action points I simply break them down into short, grouped memo messages.

Now the cool part. In my Outlook inbox I have created a rule to send all my Spinvox emails into an Inbox subfolder called ’05 Pending’ subfolder. (Tools> Rules and alerts> new rule>any email from spin-my-memo, send to 05 Pending subfolder). Because the emails in this subfolder are invariably commitments from meetings and discussions on the day, it one of the first subfolders I interrogate when I get back to my laptop. If I decide not to action that email on the day I will simply date it by moving the mail into a dated Outlook task. And the best thing for me is that……..

Spinvox is quicker than bashing Blackberry keys to create Tasks

Try it for yourself, you have nothing to loose. By the way I understand that still has plans to provide their similar service outside North America but no dates yet!

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.