‘Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt’ William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

What gets in the way of peoples’ performance? What, sometimes, makes performance so difficult? What, sometimes, stops performance dead in it’s tracks?  useful way to look for the answers to these questions is through the simple formula:

Performance = Potential minus Interference (P = P – I )

So if we reduce the Interference we can improve our Performance!
There are so many sources of interference, some external and some internal. We all know the obvious external ones – competing priorities from customers, boss and team, lack of clarity, information overload, firefighting by others.

It’s more important, however, to manage the internal sources of interruption:

More often than not our biggest interference is our limiting beliefs system. What is that little voice inside our head saying to us as we face yet another challenge in our busy days?

How do I choose to evaluate, plan and respond to the priorities of others?
How do I choose to manage my workload, commitments and communications?
Do I fear mistakes, looking different or simply asking why?
How are previous experiences and assumptions holding me back?
How confident am I with my current level of knowledge, skills, self-awareness, motivation and energy?

Some useful questions to help you manage yourself, your results and those around you are:
What are you assuming is getting in the way right now?
Is it really that – or is it your response to that?
What would help you?
Who can help you?

This is taken from Timothy Gallwey’s excellent book The Inner Game of Work . Do yourself a favour and buy it. Ever since his first bestseller, ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ Gallwey has been ahead of the field as far as the Inner Game is concerned – whether its the crunch point in a game, the closing of a deal or the critical point in a presentation or meeting, he has the answers that top professionals use. You can have the answers, too, for less than £10!
My own copy of ‘The  Inner Game of Tennis is a much annotated first edition hardback which has served me well – no pun intended!

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.

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