None of us should be rewriting standard email content we have tirelessly tapped out many time before. If there is a recurring theme in what we include in our mails – and for most of us there are many – just invest a little overhead up front to make it easier down the line.

 1 Use the Drafts folder as a repositoty for usefull mail texts

I suspect many people do this. It’s easy, and – if you rename and file your drafts alphabetically – your masterpieces are easily accessable. The only problem is that you have to click into the drafts folder, scroll down to the appropriate email, copy the text, close the email and past the text into your current message. Too many actions for me.

2 Create Outlook templates accessable from your Outlook Toolbar:

This is an excellent way of creating often used, full email messages in just one click on the toolbar. I have a handfull ready to create in one click, and will a little personalisation they are ready to send. Check out how to create Outlook E-mail templates here.

3 Use Autocorrect to create commonly used text within your emails:

Sometimes, you use common sentences or paragraphs within your message. With Autocorrect you can enter them in a couple of keystrokes. Check out how to use Autocorrect in your E-mails here

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.