Ever since being introduced to the excellent ‘Shift Happens’ aka ‘Now you Know’ presentation, I have been pointing countless people to it on the web (the ‘Official’ source material) and using it within my Key-Note presentations and training workshops. Inexplicably, I haven’t posted it on my blog until now. In my opinion everyone who has personal responsibility for raising children or professional responsibility for hiring, leading, developing and managing talent (and that’s about all of us) should be aware of this information.

We are living in ‘Exponential Times’: The plates are shifting

The plates are shifting all around us. Change is no longer merely incremental and in this environment our own thinking can’t just be incremental. I urge you to check out these powerful presentations which remind us of what the future may hold for us all.

The primary source I point people to is the UK centric version created by Ray Flemming at Microsoft. This Shift Happens UK Version is available in 2 formats – a PowerPoint presentation and a Windows Media movie. Just click the links towards the bottom of the web page. These presentations were developed from the original USA version.

The original USA version was created by educator karl Fisch. He has now created an updated version available at YouTube. He also blogged about it, including his source data here .

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