Not all emails are created equal, right! And when we are away from our desks we are usually engaged in doing something more mission critical than we would be if we were sitting at our desks. So, why allow ourselves to be deluged with all our email when on the run? Here’s one step in regaining control of our Blackberry:

You have, presumably, already created critical email Rules in Outlook to help you manage the deluge and operate from an empty inbox with our explicit decisioning approach. Now you need to control which emails actually hit your Blackberry. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. What else do you do to manage your Blackberry as opposed to have it manage you?
On your Blackberry message screen select ‘Options’
Click ‘Email settings’
Click ‘Folder redirection’ and select the folders / subfolders from which you want to receive mail on your Blackberry.
Remember, you only need mission critical stuff hitting you when you are on a mission away from your laptop.
Click ‘Save’.
Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs