If you feel that your role and widened, your responsibilities have increased and your results are more difficult to achieve than last year, you are not alone!

The latest Labour Market Outlook (Winter 2008/2009), compiled by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and KPMG, makes fascinating reading …. No honest it does.

One of the interesting areas for me is the section titled ‘Coping with the Credit Crunch’. Almost half  (48%) of employers have reported that individual staff workloads have increased as a result of the credit crunch. A similar number, 46% of employers, say that their employee stress levels have risen among those workers that have survived any redundancy culls.

I’m sure that if and when there is a poll of employees, as opposed to employers, these numbers may well be higher. The simple reality is that we all have to do more to achieve the results we are responsible for. So it is more important now than ever it was that we deliberately work smarter not just harder. This is where our support kicks in.

Measured productivity improvements from our training measured during last quarter show improvements way over our running average of 47 minutes per person per day.

If you or your team have not yet done the Working Smart programme NOW is the time to get on board – it is practical and profitable.

If you have already done the programme NOW is the time to re-evaluate your current behaviours and use of our processes and tools to make sure you can ride out the tough times with minimal stress and pain – just get in touch for any support you need.

You can check out the CIPD report here

Of course, you can always contact us directly to tailor a support programme to your needs.