Here’s some useful Outlook keyboard navigation shortcuts to use on your laptop when mouse or touchpad navigation is just too clunky. They are also real easy for rodent lovers to remember! These work for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.

CTRL+1 takes you to Mail (Don’t stay there too long!)
CTRL+2 takes you to Calendar (The best place to encourage proactivity)
CTRL+3 takes you to Contacts (for projects as well as people!)
CTRL+4 takes you to Tasks (The best place for your To-Dos)
CTRL+5 takes you to Notes (Don’t use these – they don’t integrate with other Outlook areas)
CTRL+6 takes you to your Folder list (The BEST navigation view when using a mouse)
CTRL+7 takes you to Shortcuts:  (Useful when you
CTRL+8 takes you to Journal: (Use with caution, can cause crawling at slooow speed!).

You can see a more comprehensive list of Killer Keyboard shortcuts here:
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