I have just put the phone down on a guy working with a client firm who did one of my Goal Control programmes a year ago on the 2nd May – he is a real paradigm shifter! ‘Hey Richard,’ he said, ‘you gave me an extra 6 weeks work over the past year thanks a bunch!’

He is a high profile manager with an important client, so with a sharp intake of breath and a sudden increase in my heart rate I responded ‘That wasn’t the idea – you’re supposed to get better results with less work. What went wrong?’

‘Absolutely nothing’, came the reply, this time with that ‘gotcha!’ giggle that told me I had been suckered.  ‘I just wanted to tell you that by building an hour of purpose into every workday evening this is what I achieved….’ He then rattled out a number of massive personal and professional wins that he created for himself. It was awesome – and humbling.

I quickly did the maths – 47 working weeks = 235 days. 235 hours divided by 8 hours a day =  6 weeks!

Measuring productivity gains from our training is of course very important which is why we always get delegates of our workload management programmes to measure their behaviour changes a couple of months after their training with us. Often, though, it is the unmeasured gains that make the most impact.

As a postscript, he also used our process last year to help his son knuckle down for his final year of ‘A’ level study, which reminded me of the oft used phrase ‘To appreciate the value of one year, just ask the student who failed to meet their chosen university entrance criteria’.

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