What do you do in bed in the morning in that half dream consciousness between awakening and planting your feet on the floor to step again into the reality of your world?

It was 20th January 1993 in the Oberoi hotel Mumbai on a long forgotten business trip. The only business thing I recall is blocking out time to witness Bill Clinton’s inauguration on TV, I was especially keen to see a hero of mine, Maya Angelou, deliver her inauguration poem. Her 6 minute poem, ‘On The Pulse Of Morning’, has shaped my awakening since.

I have come to treasure that half awake, half asleep time, when the world is full of new potential again, and I use that time to do 3 things which I share with you today. I’m not claiming to be right here but if it resonates with you just give it a go and let me know.

First step: The first thing I do is give thanks for the day. I believe that gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Give thanks to your God, your Guide, your Higher-Self, The Universe – whatever you believe in, give thanks to it for another opportunity today.

Second step: In this moment, I then revisit and put my new day into the perspective of my highest purposes. There will be opportunities and threats, highs and lows as the day progresses. Starting with my highest purposes helps me put everything into perspective.  Allow yourself in your conscious / half conscious state to revisit your higher purpose. You are not reviewing detailed plans or specific goals here, stay with any broad purposes that give meaning to you. Don’t take them for granted, reconnect with them before you get out of bed!

Third Step: I reconnect  with my top one or two priorities that I set for the day in my end of day review yesterday. No great planning – just a bringing to mind before I step out of bed. Finally, before you plant your feet on the floor, reconnect your top one or two priorities from your end of day review yesterday with your higher purpose for the month, the quarter, the year – your life. Weld them together mentally now because – as sure as the air you now breathe – those priorities will probably be challenged almost as soon as you start your day.

Here is the best video of Maya Angelou’s Inaugural poem click on the Inauguration of President Bill Clinton link. It is powerful stuff; you might want to allow yourself a quiet 6 minutes to focus on it exclusively!
A text copy of the poem is here.

This is just my approach, I’d be interested to know what you do to weld your purpose to your priorities for the day.

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