The Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Training Evaluation will be turning 50 in November this year! Quite a milestone and it is still the cornerstone for training effectiveness evaluation.

His legendary four words that comprise the foremost training evaluation model today are:
Reaction: Level 1 (measuring the degree of post training favourable reactions to an event)
Learning: Level 2 (measuring the degree of learning acquired)
Behaviour: Level 3 (measuring the degree of application of content back on the Job)
Results: Level 4 (measuring the degree of actual outcomes to targeted outcomes)

Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick have produced a new paper incorporating new research on training effectiveness and great updated model graphics that I have found particularly useful.

If you are responsible for managing a return on your staff training and development investments you need to check out the free resources that the one and only Kirkpatrick are making available to you from the link below. It is well worth registering there to obtain it.

The sidebar metrics in their paper are all ratios we recognise which is why we are so passionate about pre and post workshop support. 

Go on! Test our results against the standards set down by the creators and current thought leaders in the field. All our proven training programmes incorporate:

Personal Pre-brief  because, in the real world, one size fits nobody
Practical Training  because ‘How to’ is far more valuable than ‘Should do’
Personal Coaching  because putting training into use back at work is never easy
Post support measurement because we need to justify the ROI in the field
Permanent Support  because learning that is supported is sustained

Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss any aspect of driving a Return on Expectations through your training investments. contact us  now. 

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