Many of the people who have inspired me from a distance, made me laugh or look at myself more closely, or pointed me to resources and information through Twitter will not have received a personal message from me – simply because I do not have their email address! I still want to wish you all the best for 2010 and specifically….

 I wish you the vision to see beyond the prevailing generalities and pick particular opportunities that will make the most difference to yourself, your business and those you care most deeply about.  

I wish you all the focus, energy and discipline that you will need to seize these opportunities even when other people, the events of the day (and sometimes even yourself), will be pointing you down different paths as the year progresses.  

And I wish you all the health and happiness you need to enjoy the fruit of your focused labour.  

Remember, there is nothing more potent than purpose and there is nothing nobler than purpose beyond ourselves.  

Finally, I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a potent new year,  

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