You need regular access to a particular folder within your Windows XP computer or network library to do your work or file new emails. You don’t want to navigate your way through the folder system (especially on the network!) each time. Here’s how to achieve that with Outlook 2007 on a Windows XP machine. Note that This updates my earlier advice for Outlook 2003 one-click folder access  To add an item to the My Places bar in Office 2007 using windows XP, follow these steps:

  1. Open any Office 2007 Word or Excel document
  2. In the open document click the Microsoft Office Button on the top left of your screen and then click ‘Open’.
  3. In the ‘Open’ dialog box, click the drive, the folder, or the Internet location for which you want to create a My Places bar shortcut in the left panel.
  4. Right-click a blank space in the My Places bar below the existing shortcuts, and then click Add folder name. Note you must right-click at the bottom of the list for this to work. Your new shortcut appears at the bottom of the My Places bar.
  5. You can then move it up or down the ‘My Places’ list by right-clicking on the name and selecting ‘move up / move down’
  6. You can rename the shortcut by right clicking it in the ‘My Places’ panel and selecting ‘Rename’.

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