Everywhere I go, recently, people are telling me 2 things and I wonder if these are true for you?

  1. Those who are thriving, in particular, tell me that they are having to be even more creative in how they approach their business; its almost like they are in a constant cycle of disruptive innovation and continuous reinvention as they anticipate and respond to a challenging market.
  2. Everyone seems to sense that it takes more work, effort (and sometimes -pain) to achieve the same business results as we enjoyed pre-crunch.

In this environment it is more important than ever to be able to weld our overall purpose to our daily priorities. It is almost like the old days of separating our ‘strategic thinking time’ from our ‘operational time’ is a luxury we can not afford. If we are to avoid chaos, however, we must have a robust, simple structure to our workload and priority management that allows us to think strategically whilst operating tactically.
This means, amongst other things, having a one-click view on what is important (professionally, personally, this quarter, next quarter and beyond) so that we can flex tactically with the explicit knowledge of the impact of that decision on our overall objectives.
Strategising will always be important – it is just that right now my sense is that conditionality, consensus, creativity and continuous anticipation and response-ability are more important than ever before. I’d really appreciate your thoughts here to help me firm up my own. You can shere your thoughts in the comments section below