As we manage demanding workloads, juggle multiple projects and manage competing priorities, email is always near the top of the list of productivity challenges that most of us face every day. Whilst it can be a productivity enabler, it is more often cited as the biggest contributor to information overload and the insidious destroyer of our focus and energy. And the biggest challenge to our Time Management efforts. Even renowned and respected leaders of major corporations – including some of the biggest people in the IT world, as you will see – admit to its impact on their own focus and performance.

How Email and information overload impacts our productivity


This is why, when we help people to work smarter on their competing priorities, we always incorporate strategies for managing information overload and regaining control of their inbox. This is all part of the challenge of Continuous Partial Attention (CPA) that we all face in this connected age. You will find some of my notes on CPA here

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