Today, 23rd September marks the start of the 100 day countdown to December 31 – and only 69 official work days to achieve our career and business goals for the year. Whether we are on target or not, now is a great time to get serious again on the priorities that matter most to us.
Now is the time to recalibrate our focus on our mission critical priorities.
Now is the time to redirect our energy towards our mission critical priorities.
Now is the time to manage the final push to propel us over the line.
Here’s 3 ideas to add to what you are already doing…

  1. Use TODAY, or at least some time this weekend to get real clarity and control on what the 100 day timeline means for your ambitions and on what absolutely has to be done before December 31, despite everything else you have on your plate at the moment. Build these as milestones or reminders into your Calendar, dump them into your Task or To-Do lists or other preferred priority planning process. Whatever you do, don’t leave these thoughts floating about in your head where they are hostage to the next urgency, crisis or interruption.
  2. Revisit the real meaning of DECISION. I’m not suggesting you get all Philosophical here, let’s keep this simple (at least for now). A great many people prefer to ‘keep options open’ or seek further information, advice or even on-line reviews, before making a final commitment. With 100 days on the clock we don’t have that luxury  so much any more. The word ‘Decision’ comes from the Latin ‘Decidere’, de = off + caedere = to cut. So, it might be helpful if we decide on what has to be cut out of our schedules, even if only until 1st January 2011!
  3. Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE for this effort to someone you choose. We are all accountable to others in some way. Many of us are accountable to a number of people – our boss, our family, our mortgage provider for example. Not all of them will necessarily have OUR best interest  at heart though. Accountability adds rigour to our efforts. Look for someone who does have your best interests at heart, someone who will hold up a mirror up to you, someone who will not allow you to compromise on your commitment to yourself. You might also offer yourself as an accountability manager for someone important to you.

So, 100 days and counting. I wish you well on the journey. What would you add to make this more useful to other readers?

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Till next time, Richard Maybury