There I was, sitting in a pub at 7 O’clock this morning because of a last minute meeting postponement yesterday afternoon. I was not drowning my sorrows though, I was with the lively, supportive Cranleigh Chamber Business Networking breakfast, supremely facilitated by Andrew Speers from Smithbrook Partners.   I use ‘Supremely’ advisedly. He ensured that the bulk of the meeting was directed towards sharing marketing ideas, experiences and take-away information we could all work with to build our businesses. 

This morning I got the best English breakfast this month from the Richard Onslow pub , 3 good ideas and have just sent 2 people some promised resources to help them. Not bad work before 9 O’clock. It was good to catch up again with Peter Wilford, my first choice Career Consultant for anyone looking to make the first – or next step in their career. 

Right, that’s another task off my prioritised to-do list. A few more before my next sales meeting!