You know how it is, sometimes you are so focused into where you are going and what you are doing that you don’t see other ‘Stuff’. Until – that is – you deliberately stop for a while, review, refresh, re-enthuse and re-engage. Well, I was having one of my ‘Pit-stops’ the other day, doing just that, and a service called ‘Dropbox’ was on my ‘Check-Out List’. A few friends were recently talking it up and Sean Blessitt over at Astradyne mentioned it in a mail to me last week. I feel I am a little late to this party but I’m enjoying it so much I want to share it with you…

So, what is Dropbox? Well, Sean describes it as like having a permanently connected memory stick – and he is right. Its a place you can put any digital stuff you want to access from anywhere – your other computers, your BlackBerry [other mobile devices are available 😉 ], or direct from the web from a third party computer. No more emailing yourself files or fiddling around for your memory stick in the bottom of your bag.

I have also created public folders within my Dropbox where I can securely share specific fun stuff with friends and family as well as allow other specific people to collaborate remotely with me on a more business level.

Using it is soooo simple. You use it like any other folder on your computer, simply drag and drop files into and out of it.

You get 2GB of storage space free with the Basic package but if you sign up through this Dropbox link you will get an extra 250mb free!

Sean is the brains behind the Outlook World Cup Calendar which I brought to you back in June this year.