Like you, I subscribe to a number of email newsletters that I consider to be inspirational, interesting or plain useful to me. Because the 80/20 Rule is ruthless, some are obviously more valuable than others. These are the ones I want to make time to feed upon. That means I must keep them outside my 4D Triage and Execute process in my inbox because, of course, I want that to be empty after each 4D visit. After all, maintaining Inbox zero is critical to working smarter on what has to be done in a busy day.

So, what do I do? Simple really. I have a numbered inbox subfolder (Called ‘07 Sharpen the saw’ since you asked) and then I have an Outlook Email Rule (Tools> Rules and Alerts) set up to divert these select senders into that folder for a more meaningful Read > Consider > Action process.

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I still run the 4D process on the other newsletters along with my other unfiltered emails in my inbox and if one strikes me as important in that initial triage I simply drag that into the 07 folder for later review.