I will shortly be writing more fully on some ‘New Year’ insights and hindsights but for now I just want to clarify one point. This year, like every other year, will be a 525,600 minute marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, it is vital to start strong. Yes, it is vital – nay critical – to have a purpose and a plan for the year. And welding our purpose to our priorities will make each day more meaningful. Sprinting off at an unsustainable rate in any marathon, however, is a short, sure route to  pain and abandonment (consider how many hyped resolutions rarely make it much beyond Easter). Getting all our goals to the finish line on 31/12/1011 requires us to manage our purpose, our productive capacity and our personal productivity over the whole of the year. So, start strong – stay long, and make this year one of your best – no matter what life throws at you!