Linkedin rocks…..  For me anyway.

It has got me business, opened doors and provided important information, contacts and links that have helped me build my business.

My (strictly regulated) time on the site has generated a massive Return On Investment and Return On Effort. I consider it a professional platform. That’s why I resent (hard word – but true) people hijacking my Update area on my Homepage with their inane Twitter chit-chat or no-value-self-promotion that they feel compelled to share with me on my professional networking site.

It is interesting and instructive to note that the real Pros do not do this. I tweet but I don’t flood Linkedin with my tweets. Here’s how I have removed these peoples’ updates from my Linkedin Update view:

Linkedin makes it possible to hide Network Updates from specific people and manage the updates that matter most to you. Here’s what I have found works for me:

  1. Hover your mouse over the general area of the chatty person’s tweet, or photo and notice that at the top of the update, over on the right side you now see the word ‘Hide’
  2. Yippee! Click on the word ‘Hide’. You will no longer see ANY of their updates. If they are abusing Linkedin with unnecessary chit-chat that should not migrate from Twitter you don’t really want to see them do you?
  3. Notice that you have the option to ‘Undo’ if you wish
  4. Notice also that, at the top of your update area where it says ‘All Updates’ if you click the ‘More’ Link you will see how many serial updaters are hidden from you. Note that you must have ‘Recent’ updates selected (as opposed to ‘Top’ updates.
  5. You can also manage which Updates will appear on your homepage.  On your Homepage click the ‘More’ link  at the top of your Updates area and select ‘Customize’ and see only what you want to see.

Just so you know, I am a Twitter fan, and I use it as part of my business communication strategy, so I’m not down on Twitter, just on how some people use it in connection with Linkedin! In fact you can follow me on twitter I am @richardmaybury and Here’s my Linkedin link

What do you think? How do you feel about chit-chat clogging up your Linkedin Update real-estate?

Until next time….