We all know that networking is an important business activity, whether building a career as an employee or building a business as an owner, partner or director. 

The challenge with networking – much the same as the challenge with meetings – is that Networking can be a great way of Notworking. 

Now, I’m no networking expert but I have learnt a few things over the years, I’ve wasted my money, made many mistakes, made some great decisions and notched up my share of amazing wins. I guess I have found out through experiment what works and what does not. 

There are also some great networkers that I have modelled and modified my approach through. ‘Modelling’ is, of course, the grown-up NLP word for ‘copying’

Strange, isn’t it that copying as a child is bad but modelling as an adult is good! 

Anyway, I now have a wealth of hard-earned hindsight and insight to draw upon, which I have built into the same ‘Philosophy, Principles and Process’ architecture that my various business activities are built upon. 

So much so that clients pay me money to talk to their teams about networking, which, of course, I am more than happy to do. And I still get asked to facilitate speed networking events and give talks on a non-fee-earning basis by Surrey Chambers of Commerce  and other ‘Not-For Profit’ organisations that I’m happy to support.  

My purpose in putting this post out there is kick off a few conversations around a few posts on Networking / Notworking over the next few months. Feel free to pitch in.