Many people who make networking a priority in their overall marketing management question themselves from time to time. They question the time, effort, energy (physical and emotional) and money they invest in their networking and they question their own results from it.

They wonder if it is just their own skills that let them down after yet another very early start or another evening away from the family in a room full of strangers. They wonder whether they will carry on with it or look to other ways of generating business.

This book is for them ( hit the image – it is a non-affiliate link). blank

It is written with a light touch and a genuine understanding for those who are passionate about their business but not experienced or comfortable with the whole `Sales thing’. Not surprising given that it is written by my friend, Richard White, The Accidental Salesman.

It will be particularly helpful to independent consultancy and SME business owners who have perhaps come from the corporate world and now find themselves solely responsible for the whole `Business Development thing’.

After a quick skim I found it almost impossible not to re-read with my pencil and highlighter in hand (always a good sign of practicality and usefulness for me).

The APPEAL framework makes sense. It is simple, practical, hangs together well and the mnemonic links back to the purpose of networking – very clever. I’m deliberately experimenting with it now.

A well written, practical field book. Highly recommended.