I really appreciate it when people do things well. And I can’t help telling them, and this week I seem to be more grateful than usual – I’m obviously mixing with good people!

You will know from my Echo Smartpen post that I am impressed with the extra productivity it releases and the way it fits seamlessly into my day-today priority management processes. So much so that I was happy to go public after a good, solid workout with it. Well…….

Within a few hours of my post going live and the obligatory tweet and Linkedin update I got a phone call from Amanda Slayton-Joslin, a Head Honcho at honchopr, the people who run the PR for Livescribe in UK. Impressive!

Not only did I get a thank you phone call from a warm human being but I was also offered Joint webinar support from the Livescribe team over in Oakland California. Collaborative!

Not only that but Amanda asked if there was anything else I needed to maximise my Livescribe system and offered me an Executive folder for my A5 microdot matrix notebook– which arrived in the post next day. Generous!

So, there you are – a shout out to honchopr for their exemplary, impressive, immediate, collaborative and generous social PR response!

By the way, my Philosophy graduate son keeps telling me that – according to Cicero the Ancient Roman Statesman and Philosopher – ‘Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others’. So should I be grateful for being grateful? But enough naval gazing – back to work!

Onwards and upwards!