I am not a Mac-Head and I don’t own an i-anything (although I have bought plenty for my family!) I am, however a big Steve Jobs business fan.

I love language and the power of words and this video is one of my favourite Leadership video clips ever …. and it is NOT the ubiquitous 2005 Stanford Commencement address …… and I have been studying Rhetoric for a long time, subscribing to sites like http://www.americanrhetoric.com/ since it started and- of course – http://www.ted.com/ .

Prior to meeting the amazing Paul Dunn a short while ago, my favourite Steve Jobs video was the ubiquitous 2005 Stanford Commencement address., with his 3 stories – the one about ‘Connecting the dots (which the wonderful Anne Marie McEwan and I were discussing this morning) – the one about ‘Love and loss’ and the third about ‘Death’.

BUT…. this clip is, to my mind awesome.

Imagine yourself in this meeting with him, shortly after he came back into Apple. This is a serious ‘Marketing’ oriented business meeting with his team, it is not a staged mega-media new product launch event.

Imagine how you would feel in the presence of your company leader talking to you about the core values of the enterprise. Imagine…….


RIP Steve Jobs and thank you.