I am seeing an increase in the number of questions from our client’s people who have opted to use an Apple Mac and iPhone / iPad within a Microsoft Exchange environment. They have challenges in bringing the full functionality of their firm’s systems, software and productivity tools to bear on their chosen tool. So, they are often looking for individual solutions to the way they manage their results and workload through these tools. This is amplified because, whilst many businesses these days will provide Phone and IT tool flexibility in the same way they provide company-car flexibility, very few employers provide the same IT support to these tools as they would to their core Microsoft or IBM infrstructure.

All our consultancy, training and support programmes around Collaboration, Teamworking, Workload and Time Management and Project Management, are designed to drive foundational philosophies and principles, proven processes and Best Practice behaviours through the productivity tools that our clients already use without Third Party software add-ons. This makes it tough for those who diviate from the productivity tool norm in their selection process.

The ruthless reality for most Mac, iPhone and iPad users within an Exchange environment is that their choice carries a productivity price – at least for now. Take for example, perhaps the most common productivity tool combination – Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. There is simply an amazing amount of productive capacity that can be released very easily individually and across teams with our support. Not all the processes work on Office2011 for Mac though.

Right now, we do not specifically support Mac /iPhone to the same extent as we support Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce and other major collaboration tools out there.

Here, though are our current favourite sites for Office Outlook 2011 for Mac on Exchange self help:

http://www.officeformachelp.com/outlook/ independent and ‘Unofficial’ Keep up the good work guys!

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2011-macoutlook Microsoft Answers site for Mac heads

Do you know of any other trusted resources? If so please add them here via the comments area. Thanksjot them down her please.