It’s all true. It’s not about you.

I was reminded about this again today. You see, last night I created a ‘How-To’ driven, short guide on ‘How to make your Linkedin Profile shine online’.

And I have given it away free to all my business friends who subscribe to my Productivity Pointers email.

A wave of email love has been hitting my inbox last night and this morning and responding to that response has been a priority in my task management for today.

You know it is better to give than to receive simply because when you give you usually get back. That’s a virtuous circle – and I like virtuous circles in all spheres of my life.

One of the kind responses also contained a request to promote a particular charity, which I am happy to.

So, please take a look at this specialist charity dedicated to supporting families whose children have Lowe Syndrome and initiating and funding medical research into the disease.

If hit the ‘Home’ page you will see Jonathan Ross overviewing the Trust but I though it best to point you to the About page just in case you are reading this in the office!

As you know, we make a living by what we get and a life by what we give. Spare a thought (and a fiver if possible) for those living with Lowe Syndrome or donate to something else today.

A smile to someone who needs it might also be a good gift that gives back today.

Onwards and upwards,