This is a great book. Its been around for a while and has inspired a number of good people to do some great things with their businesses and careers.

My colleague and collaborator, Richard Munden wrote a great bullet point summary (he is the kind of guy who values getting straight to the point) which I know has motivated people to buy the book, digest it and drive specific actions based upon their reflections on it. You can pick it up from the link below.

If this book has been on your business radar but you never made it a priority to read it, I suggest you get on to your favourite book seller right now and grab it.

A lot of the content is congruent with our own management and leadership interventions and it is still on my priority reading list for people I support.

So we are making this short summary available to you with the very strong suggestion that you buy the book and make it a priority to take some management action on what you have read

 Download Richard’s take aways from Jim Collins book Good to Great

There you go, I hope you find this overview useful and that you will want to explore the book further (my own is massively annotated – I always read my business books with a pen in hand!)

I’d love to know what you think of the book and what you think of Richard’s summary. Comment away freely below!

Till next time,