Hi, Tim Maybury here. Sometimes we need to grab email addresses from a column in Microsoft Excel and use them in a Microsoft Outlook email. Here’s the smarter working way I do it with Microsoft Outlook. Do you have any smart Excel tips you wish to share here? …

  1. Copy the Excel column of email addresses
  2. Paste them into a blank Microsoft Word document, selecting the ‘Keep text only’ Paste option
  3. Click the ‘Replace’ button on the Home tab
  4. In the ‘Find’ box and enter ^p. ( “^” = Shift-6)
  5. In the ‘Replace’ box and type in a semi-colon and press the space bar
  6. Click the ’Replace All’, hit OK to close the Find/Replace dialogue box.
  7. Copy the resultant text into the To, CC or BCC lines of your Outlook email form, hit ‘Enter’ and move the cursor to the body of the email.

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