Funerals.  If you are lucky you won’t get through life without attending a few of them.

Sometimes a death can be tragic and untimely with life’s potential formed but not fully realised, and the funeral, like the one I wrote about in February, is invariably very sad

Sometimes death arrives towards the end of a natural span and the funeral is more a celebration and thanksgiving for a good life well lived. The one I am attending on Monday will probably be more be more of a celebration tinged with sadness for the sudden loss and gratitude for the absence of pain.

An opportunity to re-evaluate our purpose and priorities

One thing is for certain, none of us get out of this game alive. And a funeral of a friend, a family member or a Head of State like Nelson Mandela’s imminent event is an opportunity for us to stop; step back and re-evaluate our own purpose and our priorities.

So, what am I suggesting here? Only this. Asking ourselves questions about our core purposes, the life roles we inhabit and the planning and management of our competing priorities is best done on purpose rather than in response to external events.

Till next time, all the best.

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