As I reported on LinkedIn and Twitter yesterday, VMware and Telligent have announced that they have concluded a deal where Telligent is acquiring the assets of Zimbra.

I believe that collaboration and communication features of Zimbra will find a great home in Telligent, who are already fully focused in the Collaboration space, whilst VMware focuses on its core business priorities.

We continue to provide improved productivity and smarter workload management training with Zimbra

Zimbra has grown its email and collaboration business over the years and we have been asked to provide productivity training, focusing on improving the personal and team management of heavy workloads, competing priorities and high email volumes for our clients who have bought into the Zimbra platform. We continue to offer this training based upon the Zimbra platform and other productivity tools that our clients are already invested in.

If you are interested in improving your peoples’ productivity and helping them to work even smarter than they are right now with Zimbra or any other productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes do get in touch.

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