Back in July I wrote about the Telligent acquisition of Zimbra, the collaboration and communication software providers for the post-PC era, and how we still provide productivity training and support for our Zimbra using clients. Exciting developments are in play here which could make Zimbra more compelling…

The ‘new’ Zimbra entity has reconfirmed their commitment to Open Source, stating that ‘Open source is part of our DNA at Zimbra’

Although, in my opinion, vanilla Zimbra is still not as integrated or comprehensive a total workload management platform as, say, Microsoft Outlook, it has evolved under vmware and will no doubt continue to evolve with the Zimbra.Next development – interestingly codenamed JudasPriest – currently underway.

ProcessMaker adds enterprise class workflow into Zimbra

Zimbra has recently announced that it is now possible to build enterprise class workflow functionality into its platform, opening up many opportunities for workflow/BPM elements to be added to the standard email, calendar and tasking functionality of Zimbra.

We continue to offer personal and team productivity improvement training for Zimbra using clients

Of course, our training focus is primarily on the Best Practice attitudes and behaviours for managing competing priorities within demanding workloads and heavy email volumes but these attitudes and behaviours are more effectively implemented and sustained when they can be driven through and supported by Best Practice use of the productivity tools people have on their laptops, PCs tablets and phones. That’s why we always combine attitudes, behaviours and tool usage in our productivity training programmes.

If you are interested in improving your peoples’ productivity and helping them to work even smarter than they are right now with Zimbra or any other productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes do get in touch.

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