A while ago my good friend and collaborator, Richard White, and I were putting the world to right – or at least the sales world to right.

Richard has built a rock-solid reputation in improving sales performance for a broad range of clients. He was coming to the conversation from a beliefs, attitude and sales behaviour perspective. I was coming at it from a beliefs, attitudes and productivity behaviour perspective. It was a cracking conversation.  Before we moved on to other things he said ….

‘I really ought to interview you; would you be up for live podcast for my Business Development Club members’?

What could I do? I said ‘Yes’ of course. We ran the interview a while ago, which Richard recorded and suggested I post it here.

The context of the conversation is sales performance improvement but the content can be applied across any business discipline.

In sales, probably more than any other business activity, time is money. Because we both do a lot of work with sales people there is a fair bit of challenge in the conversation. Some of Richard’s questions were challenging – he certainly was not going to accept everything I was saying; and I threw out a few challenges of my own – especially around why we don’t always do what we know we should do!

Anyway, here it is.

Feel free to contribute to the conversation in the comments section below.

Oh yes, and if you feel that a transcript would be more useful to you just drop me an email or a message here.

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