My mum died towards the end of last year. Last Sunday my sisters and I rediscovered an important time management and leadership lesson from her.

We were at her home, stime management and leadership lessonharing out the remainder of her most personal possessions prior to her home being sold.  She was a strong, successful woman, fearless and, occasionally, fearsome. But this is not a eulogy.

No, this is a reminder of something important for all of us. Something carved out on a simple piece of wood by a very young person in very much tougher times back in the day on the west coast of Ireland; something that went to the very heart of my mum’s being. Something she steeped into my being and which I share on my time, priority and workload management and leadership training.

If you have time to waste, don’t waste the time of those that haven’t

You might also like to see my mum’s straightforward advice to my 2 sons on building anything worthwhile, which she recited for them with the vigour of a warrior

or what she had to say about worry and stress and how pointless much of it is.

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