I was sharing a light lunch with a good friend yesterday. We both admitted to letting important business tasks slip over the past few days. Not a clever thing for clever guys to do!

We briefly explored a few reasons why that might be and in the end we looked each other in the eye and declared what, specifically, we would be doing in the near future. I always find it helpful to create some accountability to others.

Today, a senior, successful guy building a solid reputation and career in one of my international clients wrote me a mail on the 1st anniversary of his ‘Managing Strategic Priorities’ training programme with me. In part, he wrote:

‘With the pace of my work, the time to plan has been my biggest challenge as the workload is too much to plan as I would really like.’

The practical challenge for all 3 of us, and I suspect for most of us, is not the ‘WHAT’.

To build purpose into our daily priority management amplify the WHY

Richard Maybury helps you define defend and deliver your big WhyYou see, most good people who go to work every day know what they could or should be doing that day. It’s just that the noise of the day amps up even before we hit our desks. The signal to noise ratio reduces as the clarion call of urgency clamours for attention.

That’s why it is important, every day, to ‘Amplify the Why’ so we can better manage the what.

Creating the Big Whys in our life has more to do with the heart than the head.

The more we work on creating our compelling ‘WHYs’; the richer the picture we build; the closer we connect with them all make it easier for us to defend the time and the energy for them.

The best way to tactically defend the time and energy for our purposeful priorities is to schedule time for them in our calendar and defend that time to the hilt.

The stronger our connection and our conviction with those purposeful priorities in our calendar the easier it is for us to decline, delegate or date-activate the inevitable interrupters and urgencies that always conspire to refocus our limited energy and drain away our limited time each day.

We need to define and defend specific time to ‘Amplify our Why’ into our calendars at least once a day.
You might also find my approach to welding purpose to priorities first thing every day useful in this regard.

Of course, you could always ask me about my support services in defining Big Whys and and defending them in crazy-busy workdays through my ‘Thinking Strategically’ and ‘Managing Strategic Priorities’ training, coaching and  teamtalks

What is your approach to managing your critical priorities every day? I’d love to hear from you.

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