On the 15th May, Livescribe announced the release of an updated version of Livescribe+  with much improved Evernote integration. This smarter integration makes working smarter with technology and handwritten notes even easier.

Essentially, Livescribe+ now allows you to send and ‘Autosend’ your notes directly to your Evernote account, from where they can be shared across all devices you have hooked up to your Evernote account. This means you can now work directly on your Livescribe3 created content on your PC, Mac and Android devices as well as your trusty iPhone and iPad once Autosend has been set up.

This provides a  big productivity boost for Livescribe3 users who also drive a Windows PC / laptop back at the office  or on the road.

Livescribe have a good article on the update here

you might also find this 2 minute YouTube video useful.